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Tree Removal

We can help get rid of damaged, fallen or hazardous trees on your property.

Various storms and natural disasters can cause damage to the trees on your property, whether it’s from lightning, a hurricane or another natural event. Your trees could also experience rot, insects and other problems. When you’re ready for tree removal at your residence or commercial property due to some form of damage, contact DKI.

Before removing damaged trees, a licensed contractor will come to your location and inspect the area. The DKI contractor determines the best course of action for your property and the tree damage it faces. Our tree removal service will work with your needs, focusing on keeping the removal and replacement process as seamless as possible.

Our professionals are able to handle the removal of trees and shrubs on a wide range of property sizes. After the removal process, we offer additional services to restore your property and help it stand out through landscaping. Depending on your needs and preferences, we can provide professional tree and/or shrub replacement.

At DKI, we hold tree removal in high regard. It's an important factor to the safety and outward impression of your property. We offer emergency tree removal and storm damage restoration services around the clock, every day of the year. Our services are available throughout the United States, so when you need us, call and we’ll be there to help.