Summer Storm Preparation and Repairs Nationwide

Protect Your Property Against Violent Summer Storms

Summer is best spent outdoors in the sun with friends and family. It’s the time of year for parties, BBQs, trips to the beach, and vacations. However, across the country, it is also known for another annual phenomenon: major summer storms. Hurricanes, tornadoes, and vicious thunderstorms can occur when air currents clash. Your home or business must be prepared for the worst when they come. DKI has the solutions you need to stay safe. With more than 200 locations, our nationwide restoration teams can give you the insight you need to prepare your property and stay safe, as well as provide you the emergency restorations that can make all the difference. Our trained teams will walk you through all your storm preparation and repair options and diagnose the extent of your damages in the aftermath of any disaster. Once dispatched, we will work tirelessly to return your residential or commercial property to normal and provide the expertise and experience you deserve. Contact us today for scheduled or emergency services.

Summer Storm Preparedness

When you’re prepared for anything, you can handle everything. Getting ready for summer storms means being proactive, identifying which scenarios are most likely to play out on your property, and having the right resources to help you react when they do. Working with DKI gives you advantages other home or business owners won’t have. We are a nationwide company with experts everywhere, including Tornado Alley in the central US, along the eastern and southern coasts where hurricanes are prevalent, and more. Our teams can be onsite within just hours to address any damage repairs or restorations – fallen trees, obstructed power lines, destroyed property – resulting from violent summer storms.

In addition to our services, there are many ways you can prepare your property for the worst and minimize damages and restoration costs overall. These steps include:

  • Creating a Disaster Plan: Talk to your family and staff about when evacuation would be necessary before or during a storm. Be sure to have a trusted alert system like the weather channel or social media updates in case of storms or heavy flooding. Plan out your evacuation procedures and ensure everyone knows what to do when a severe storm hits. Be sure to include a universal meeting place and have a contingency plan if people get separated from the group. Safety and order are the goals for any disaster plan.
  • Keeping a Well-Stocked First Aid Kit: When severe storms hit, most businesses will close down, which include hardware stores, department stores, and pharmacies. Certain supplies may be hard to find, so it is always important to stock your first aid and survival kit with everything you need beforehand. When making your preparations, be sure to have bandages, pain medications, antiseptic, tweezers, scissors, a substantial supply of any prescription medications, blankets, and other emergency items.
  • Prepare for Power Outages: Downed tree limbs and power lines can cut the electricity to your home or business for an undetermined amount of time. Unfortunately, most of our appliances, such as washing machines, refrigerators, and even our hot water run on electricity. To keep things running smoothly, have a backup generator installed, keep flashlights handy, with an abundant supply of batteries. It may be in your best interest to invest in solar power, so you don’t have to rely on the grid. Finally, keep your phones charged and your emergency contacts written down somewhere accessible. You may need to check on family, neighbors, or employees throughout the storm.
  • Reinforce Your Windows: If your area has issued warnings for an incoming hurricane or tornado, reinforcing your windows is a must. Purchase wooden or storm shutters. Cover glass windows with plywood boards if you live on the coast. Even if the storm does happen to break glass, your interior will stay relatively undisturbed.
  • Inspect Your Trees, Branches & Shrubbery: Trees, branches and other plant life can become hazards if they are too close to your property. During a storm, limbs can break off, fly through the air, and cause destruction to your home or business. DKI has trained ISA-certified arborists who will inspect your exterior to ensure the highest safety levels with tree trimming and removal services. We know what to look for and the proper methods to use to safeguard your home or business. We’ll make the right adjustments quickly and easily for ideal storm preparation and work hard to save you thousands in major restorations and repairs.
  • Clean Your Gutters: It might seem like a small precaution, but cleaning debris from your gutters can keep you, your family and your property safe. If water builds up in plugged gutters and drains, it can overflow. This overflow can seep into the ground, flood your basement, and cause serious and costly damage to your foundation. Gutters can also snap off if weighed down by too much water and debris. Clearing them can only help your home or business to stay dry, safe, and whole.
  • Secure outdoor furniture: Any loose furniture left outside can be damaged or lost when a storm hits. It can be picked up by high winds and tossed as a projectile against other buildings or even people. Be sure to remove or bolt down any outdoor furniture to minimize damage and danger to others and preserve it until after the storm.

Repairs & Restorations After the Storm

If you’ve taken all the precautions before a storm, these will help minimize the destruction to the interior and exterior of your property. When your home or business has suffered damage, be sure to call DKI. We can be there for you within two hours of an emergency call to assess all the damage to your property and provide effective remediation. No matter the size or scale of the destruction to your residential or commercial property – from broken glass to downed trees – DKI offers 24/7 restorations to make things right. We have the tools, experience, and efficient restoration methods to provide you with a wide range of repairs and renovations, including:

  • Rock, Dirt & Debris Cleanup
  • Complete Building Repairs
  • Furniture & Belongings Cleanup
  • Mold & Biohazard Cleanup
  • Oil & Chemical Spills
  • Temporary Power Solution Installations
  • Fallen or Damaged Tree Removal
  • Shattered Glass Removal
  • Mold & Flood Water Restoration
  • And, much more

Insurance Claims & Summer Storms

After a storm has damaged your property, your next step may be to file a claim with the insurance company to help you with repair and restoration expenses. DKI can help. We’ll do our own independent assessment of your property and communicate with your insurance providers to get you the payout you deserve. We specialize in red tape, negotiations, paperwork, and insurance payouts to minimize your stress in a difficult time. DKI will always look out for your best interests from start to finish. When your home or business has been hit hard by Mother Nature, don’t go it alone. Let DKI fight for you and repair your property to its pre-loss condition. Contact us today for more information.

Contact Us for All Your Storm Preparation & Repair Needs

Summer storms don’t wait until you are ready. They can strike with little warning and leave havoc and destruction in their wake. With DKI, you can weather them and make storm damage disappear. Our company works with home and business owners across the country, providing the best storm preparation guidance, assessment, and restorations in the industry. Contact us today for regularly scheduled or emergency services, and let us help you be prepared for anything that comes your way.