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Storm damage can cause massive destruction to your home or business. Dealing with the aftermath is never easy. The last thing you want to do is worry about repairs. You need a top restoration team that will work with you after the devastation of a storm. DKI can help. Our company has over 200 service locations across the United States. We work to restore homes and businesses to pre-storm condition and can be on-site for you two hours after your emergency call. Our trained technicians will assess the damages, write up an estimate for the scope of the work, and begin cleaning and repairs once we have your approval. As storm damage professionals, DKI can answer frequently asked questions about handling your unique property restoration:

 How Do I Know If I Have Storm Damage?

Storms cause different types of damage. Some storms are more severe than others. Take a walk around your property after the storm is over and check for visible signs to your property. Look for flooding or water damage first. Then check your windows and doors for physical destruction. There could also be invisible damage to your roof that you cannot see. This unseen damage includes leaks from heavy rains or shingle damage from hail or wind. DKI gets off the ground to get the best view possible. Our teams of restoration specialists know what to look for and can help you get the most precise picture possible before contacting your insurance provider or beginning cleanup. Call us first after a storm, and let us help you in your stressful time.

How Much Will It Cost to Get the Damage Fixed?

Every home or business owner has questions about cost when it comes to storm damage restoration. The answers will vary for different types of property. However, you can examine costs based on multiple factors such as cost of materials, new installations, repairs to existing structures, and more. Never choose the cheapest bid when working with your insurance company. Choose a service provider with a solid reputation for quality and expertise. DKI offers you thorough on-site assessments and customized estimates for all of your storm damage restoration needs.

Why Can I Not Inspect My Own Roof?

Without proper safety gear and the specific knowledge of what to look for, a roof inspection can be hazardous. The majority of home and business owners lack the experience necessary to inspect a roof properly. DKI has done thousands of commercial and residential roof inspections and repairs. We focus on safety and security for every job. Call us if you think your roof has any damage.

What Kind of Restoration Services Does DKI Offer?

DKI does standard and emergency restoration work for homes and businesses after almost every type of storm. We use licensed service providers and specialized equipment to assess all damages. We do work that returns your property to pre-storm condition and removes your stress from the situation. Our services include restorations after rain, hail, snow, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, and more. Our company removes shattered glass, broken tree limbs, furniture, and debris. We dry and dehumidify spaces after removing floodwater. We also stabilize your structures, pack out and store your belongings, and complete full property reconstructions using the most modern tools and techniques. Since 1974, DKI has been a response team for natural disasters across the nation. We can be there for you too.

How Do You Remove Water from My House After a Flood?

DKI has access to industrial-sized pumps. We extract large amounts of water from your home or business and dispose of it safely and according to CDC guidelines. Once the affected area is dry, we begin repairs. We dry out your carpet and subflooring with slot blowers. We use dehumidifiers in your crawlspaces and basement to eliminate moisture and prevent mold. Most importantly, we monitor the entire process for you from start to finish. This type of close attention during your service reduces overall dampness and decreases drying times. It also gives you essential education and insights about living and working during the restoration process.

What Should I Do After the Storm?

Act fast when a storm strikes your home or business. Prevent any further damage by securing damaged or destroyed doors and windows. Place a tarp over any visible holes in your roof when possible. Contact your insurance company right away to start the claims process. Remember to take pictures and notes of all damage. Get a proof-of-loss statement from your adjuster once they finish the assessment. Report any additional damage immediately. Collect all receipts of any expenses and make copies of all communications between you and your insurance company. Finally, leave the stress of the cleanup and restoration to DKI by making one simple phone call. Storm damage can be severe. Your storm damage repair service does not have to be.

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