Temporary Power Solutions

Temporary Power Solutions Services

Storms and catastrophic events can leave you without power when you still need to perform work in safe areas. We understand your entire operation might halt without a reliable solution. DKI offers temporary power solutions at your location. We’ll quickly set up a temporary power source to allow you to keep a part of your business functioning through the setback. We’ve helped thousands of companies with disaster restoration services. We understand the importance of keeping your company running while repairing damages. Our temporary power equipment includes distribution equipment, transformers, meter panels, switchgear, transformers, power poles, and wire. Contact us today for more information.

Various Temporary Power Services

Our temporary power source services include:

  • Temporary Power Pole Installation – It’s critical that power poles are correctly installed to ensure the safety and reliability of the temporary power supply. We’ll follow guidelines to secure the power poles and confirm the temporary generator connection is safe to avoid risks.
  • Overhead Solutions – Our experienced team will design the system to meet your specific need and power requirements. Whether you need 100 amps or 4,000 amps, we will work within your budget.
  • Underground Solutions – Our conduit, in-house trenching, and wire-pulling crews will get you safely connected.
  • Ground Cord Solutions – We have remote generator connections, spider boxes, and caged load centers to ensure the perfect power solution for you.
  • Switch Gear – We provide equipment, including switchgear, transformers, and meter cabinets for a safe and reliable connection.

Temporary Power Budget Bids

Temporary power isn’t something on the top of most budgets. It’s often a forgotten and costly element. Our experienced estimators can review your available resources, evaluate power requirements, and locate available sources to help you budget for unforeseen disaster circumstances. We’ll produce a preliminary design to understand your possible temporary power requirements.

Obtaining Permits & Fees

You don’t need to worry about wasting time pulling permits and paying utility connection fees in a time of disaster. Our team has developed a comprehensive service to acquire the permits and fees you need to ensure you have temporary onsite power when you need it most. We have the necessary partnerships to help expedite the process to get your power connected and flowing as quickly as possible.

Why Choose DKI?

DKI has thousands of power generators and other necessary equipment to meet your needs in times of disaster. We always offer high-quality services built on trust and devotion. We want you to have peace of mind as we restore your power at home or work. Our professionals utilize the best practices, educational resources, and state-of-the-art tools for optimal results. No matter the size of the project, we ensure restoration in a quick and efficient timeframe.

Contact DKI Services Today

Our DKI technicians can deliver an extensive power range, from 120 volts to over 30,000 volts. We believe in on-time power solutions to fit your needs. We’ll arrive on the scene as quickly as possible to address your power concerns. Our service providers are spread throughout the nation to help people in multiple areas. Contact us today if you need temporary power solutions.