Oil Spills Cleanup

We Offer Oil Spills Cleanup Nationwide

Oil spills can be a scary issue, causing a threat to the environment and the safety of anyone in its path. DKI provides fast and efficient oil spills cleanup services nationwide. Our fuel, oil, and hydrocarbon emergency cleanup services are available day and night, every day of the year. We offer 24-hour emergency response services for peace of mind. We understand oil spills can carry large fines if your business doesn’t address them adequately. For over 48 years, DKI has restored disaster areas after damage. Our exemplary residential and commercial services help keep you safe. Whether you have a small or large oil spill, our team is ready to take action. Contact us today!

Oil Spill Remediation Services

After an oil spill, we aim to contain the problem and remediate the concern. You can trust us to handle oil spill cleanup services without you needing to lift a finger. DKI responds quickly to many types of residential and commercial oil spills, including:

  • Tanker spills
  • Release of vehicle hydrocarbons after roadway accident
  • Equipment broken hydraulic lines
  • Home heating oil spills
  • Oil in the triple basin

Hydrocarbon Cleanup Services

DKI is equipped to effectively clean up almost any type of hydrocarbon, including:

  • Diesel Fuel
  • Gasoline
  • Crude Oil
  • Jet Fuel
  • Hydraulic Oil
  • Machine Oil
  • Food Grease

Oil Spill Cleanup Process 

Once we receive your call, the DKI team springs into action to assess the site conditions, the details of the oil spill, and starts to formulate a plan. If free hydrocarbon liquids are present with a nearby body of water or storm drain, we will place an oil absorbent around the drain or the spill. Our oil absorbent suppresses vapors and encapsulates the hydrocarbon. We wash away residual hydrocarbon staining with a special mixture that breaks them down on contact. We will be onsite within two hours of an emergency call to assess the damages and write up an estimate for the scope of work. We will not begin any actual cleaning without your approval.

What Do I Do When an Oil Spill Happens?

It’s your responsibility as an employer to ensure your employees are safe and to take action to prevent pollution from the oil spill. Contact DKI as soon as possible, so we can dispatch an oil spill remediation team. We offer emergency response services to address oil spills as quickly and efficiently as possible. We follow all local, federal, and municipal requirements for environmental remediation.

Trust DKI’s Team of Trained Technicians

We specialize in restoration services that require specific training and expertise. Our team undergoes year-round training to ensure we’re updated on the most innovative and effective restoration processes. We’re equipped with state-of-the-art equipment to disinfect and deodorize damaged areas effectively. Our team is committed to restoring spaces to safety as quickly as possible, always arriving within two hours of an emergency call. You can count on us to provide effective cleanup services.

Contact DKI Services Today

We understand you never anticipate an oil spill. The DKI team will be there with remediation tactics within two hours when disaster strikes. DKI has decades of experience with a nationwide presence to ensure your safety as we clean up spills and address other environmental concerns. We have an extensive network of restoration contractors to address problems, no matter where you are located. We’re here to offer all cleanup efforts, from mitigation and remediation to recovery and reconstruction. Contact us to find a DKI service provider in your area.