24-Hour Water Extraction & Drying Specialists

Water Extraction & Drying From DKI Services

Water damage can lead to structural issues and damage to your property if it’s not dealt with quickly and efficiently. DKI provides fast and effective water extraction and drying nationwide to offer you peace of mind and protect your property. We use professional drying equipment to help minimize water damage and fully recover your home or office. DKI has over 48 years of experience restoring properties after damage. We’re on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week for your convenience. We provide high-quality residential or commercial water extraction and drying services. Contact us today if you have any questions.

Water Extraction Restoration Techniques

Our water extraction and drying techniques include:

  • Source Elimination –We will locate the source of the water issue and ensure it’s sealed.
  • Extent of Damages –Our team will inspect the property to assess the type and extent of damages.
  • Evaluate Loss –This stage includes assessing the category type of water and level of contamination.
    • Category 1 –Clean water damage from sanitary sources like leaking sinks or tubs, rainwater, broken water taps, and more.
    • Category 2 –Gray water with small amounts of contamination from a toilet bowel, sewer lines, washing machines, or broken aquariums.
    • Category 3 –Unsanitary water damage from black water from flooded areas with pathogens and pollutions like sewage damage, unsafe chemicals, pesticides, and bacterial diseases.
  • Water Removal –Our water extraction services remove standing water as quickly as possible.
  • Drying –We’ll effectively dry out the area, including the structure, carpet, and drywall.

Why Do I Need A Water Removal Service?

Many people try to assess and repair water damage themselves. It’s essential to use a professional water removal service because we have the knowledge and equipment to do it the right way to ensure no further damage. Structural drying requires specialized training using professional instruments. You can trust us not to leave any water on the property to extend damage.

Emergency Water Extraction

DKI’s service providers are highly trained to find any hidden water damage. We know that water is often found in unlikely places. We identify any wet material through infrared technology, thermo-hygrometers, and electronic moisture detection instruments. Once we find all the water issues, we start an extensive drying process. We use air movers, air scrubbers, and dehumidifiers to thoroughly dry all of the water on the property.

DKI’s Professional Water Drying Equipment

We use scientific technology to measure the water damage on your property. We’ll monitor and document our drying process to ensure there is no further damage. We use professional water drying equipment to dry all areas on the property. Our dehumidification services remove moisture from the air, preventing additional condensation.

Contact DKI Services for Water Extraction and Drying Services Today

Water damage and flooding often hit out of nowhere. DKI will be there to help you within two hours to assess the damage and make a plan to restore your home or office. We work quickly and efficiently to secure your property and begin emergency cleaning. From inspection to restoration, we’re here for you. You can trust our service providers to effectively extract and dry your property. Contact us day or night for our services.