How Do You Decide When to Remove a Tree?

DKI Services Helps With Tree Removal Questions and Answers

Removing a tree from your property is a project you should leave to the professionals. DKI is just that team. We help home and business owners all over the United States when they need help removing troublesome trees, branches, and more to keep their property safe and looking its best. Curb appeal is something residents and commercial need to keep in mind when manicuring their landscape. DKI provides the necessary answers when you have questions about needing tree removal services and more. Count on us to be upfront and honest about the health and state of trees on your land and will not suggest the service unless absolutely necessary. We can also provide these professional services when it is your decision or if there is an emergency situation. Damaged or dying trees can lend themselves to damaging your property and your building. Keep everyone safe by reaching out to our team today and getting the answers you need. Below are some questions to consider before hiring DKI for our professional tree removal services.

How Old is My Tree?

A tree’s age will not necessarily determine if it needs to come down officially, but it is something that should be considered. Depending on the tree species, it could get hundreds of years old before needing to come down, but if not correctly maintained or damaged from inclement weather, it could shorten the tree’s lifespan on your property. Accidents involving cars or other heavy machinery could also draw the need for our professionals to bring their tools and expertise to your home or office anywhere in the United States.

Have Storms Damaged My Tree?

Storms can wreak havoc on residential and commercial properties with heavy rain, strong winds, and dangerous amounts of snow. If you have suffered large limbs falling or completely broken trees, rely on DKI to quickly get to your house or business to get it properly removed. In the case of an emergency, we are the team to call because no one mobilizes forces quicker than us. Equipped with industry-leading machines and tools, we can get it removed and develop a solution for restoration.

Are the Branches of My Tree Touching My House or Garage?

Whether they are grazing your roof or they are fully resting on top of your home, garage, or business, they can lead to disaster and damages. DKI can remove these branches or the entire tree to safeguard you from potentially costly repairs or replacements. It would be best to give us a call for a thorough evaluation once you notice these branches getting out of hand. It would even be a good idea when they hover over these areas of your property. We will carefully trim them off if you are looking to save the tree and give you advice on whether the whole tree should be removed or not.

Is My Tree Healthy?

Your tree’s health is a significant factor when considering tree removal services from DKI. Our arbor experts can inspect and examine the bark, stature, branches, trunk, and more to ensure it is healthy enough to remain planted. If not, though, we will encourage you to have us use our tree removal services to prevent potential catastrophe with breaks or falls. Depending on where you live, and the weather experienced, it may be necessary to bring it down swiftly. Heavy winds and weighted snow can bring diseased, rotted, or dead trees to the ground with ease, and if your business or house is in the way, it could cost you much more.

Has the Truck Begun to Rot?

Trees typically rot from the inside out, so it can be challenging to notice when they have started, but they can become a real problem once they do. There are, however, some external signs to watch out for when wondering about the health of your tree next to your house or business. Checking the bark will give you some indications of internal rot. There should not be any abnormalities, and the bark should flow in a continuous pattern without any deep holes or cracks. If you notice branches falling off into your yard frequently, this could be another sign of rot or death creeping up inside the tree. Also, check on the color of your leaves. They should be green and healthy throughout the spring and summer, but if they begin falling early or turn brown and orange before the season, you could have issues. DKI is happy to inspect the trees in question and can provide tree removal services before they break and fall on your building or cars.

Does My Tree Have a Fungus Growing On It?

While some fungi are delicious to eat, if they grow on your trees, they could damage them to disastrous results. Fungi growing on the tree can also be another sign of internal rot because they feed on the decay and nutrients left behind. Another trouble area they grow would be around the base because they could be feeding on the roots of your tree and removing what holds the tree firmly to the ground. Allow DKI to inspect the fungi to ensure it is safe professionally; if not, we will implement our tree removal services to safeguard you from potential danger.

Have Branches Begun to Die on One Side of My Tree?

Have you noticed that one side of your tree has begun to lose branches often? Or have the leaves stopped growing in this same area? This suggests that there is root or trunk damage and can make your tree unbalanced to the point of falling down either on your building or cars. Call DKI as soon as you notice this because once you begin to see it, that means the tree has been dying and will need to be removed in order to keep your property safe. While small branches will fall from time to time, it would be best to call our professionals before more substantial branches begin to die. While the trunk may not fall over, these larger branches can still cause damage when broken.

Will Damaged Roots Make My Tree Fall Over?

Roots are integral to the health and structure of your tree. They are the foundation that helps it stand up in your yard, and if there is damage to them or issues, it could result in a fallen tree. At DKI, our specialists suggest requesting tree removal services if over 50% of the tree has been compromised. Since they are underground, it can be hard to make this judgment on your own, which is why our team is here to assist. Having studied the many different varietals all over the United States, we can assess the health of the roots and make the call for you. We will not provide any services unless you agree, though, so be sure to ask any questions while we evaluate to make sure you fully understand the diagnosis.

Is My Tree in a Good Location?

Most home and business owners do not think to ask these questions because the trees were planted before they moved onto or owned the property. Just because it was there before does not mean it is in a good location. Maybe your new office has blocked the excellent sunlight. Perhaps you need the yard space for other projects or features. Either way, if you are concerned about the location of your current trees, reach out to DKI and have us assess the area. Our tree removal teams can also help relocate should you wish to keep them, but get them somewhere else on your property.

Are Their Cracks in My Sidewalk or Basement Flooring?

If you have a basement and have begun to notice cracks in the walls or along with the floors, you should contact the DKI tree removal team. Our specialists can locate the roots which may be affecting your home or office’s foundation and get them removed before more damage is done. If left unattended, these roots can spread to other parts of the home and even break up your sidewalks or driveway.

Call DKI Services Today For More Info About Tree Removals

DKI is the team to call for a professional assessment and evaluation whenever you feel unsure about the stability of trees on your property. Our team has worked throughout the United States and has become very familiar with plenty of different trees and their growth patterns. We know exactly what to look for and can help safeguard your family and employees from personal damages due to fallen branches or weakened trunks. We have all the necessary equipment to safely remove these trees and prepare the ground left behind for whatever your next project, maybe with the landscaping. You can also rely on DKI for emergency services if your trees are brought down in the middle of a storm. Even if they do not cause property damage, having them in your yard is an eyesore and can still present dangers. They could have also destroyed other portions of your landscaping. We’re happy to send our professional to inspect trees because it is better to know and get them removed instead of waiting for the emergency. We will work with you and go over all of our findings to help you make the best decision based on safety, budget, and more. Call us today and schedule a visit from DKI.