Frequently Asked Questions About Shrub Removal

DKI Provides Shrub Removal Services All Over U.S.

There is only one team to call when you need shrub removal services. DKI helps home, and business owners keep the shrubbery around their property looking their best. We come to your home or office with all the necessary equipment to get the job done efficiently and effectively. Our specialists at DKI understand you may have questions about the services and cannot wait to bring you the answers. We work with you to give you the confidence needed when looking to hire us for shrub removal services. Even after hiring, our team members will always be around answering your questions while we provide the services you have requested. This gives us the opportunity to deliver the best experience possible. We have listed some of the most frequently asked questions about shrub removal from previous customers below, but do not hesitate to reach out with you have further questions or need more explanations about how we handle our services.

What Shrub Removal Services Do DKI Services Provide?

No matter the bush or shrub, count on the professionals at DKI to get the job done. In our many years of experience, we have worked with almost every shrub. We will properly maintain them to not only look great on your residential or commercial property but will help them live the most extended life possible. Trimming is a unique service that requires the right hands because cutting them back too much can lead to problems with their growth and longevity. If there was a strong storm causing your shrubs to break and leave debris on your house or in your yard, we could also come to get it cleaned up. Rely on us for emergency services if it is a severe concern day or night with our 24/7 response team. And when you are ready to change your landscaping, DKI can altogether remove them to make way for newer options.

What is the Importance of Shrub Removal Services?

Leaving dead or dying shrubs on either your home or commercial property can create a dreary landscape and reduce your curb appeal causing potential customers to stay away from your business and guests to start whispering. DKI’s shrub removal or maintenance services keep your outdoor space looking its best. We also aim to save you time and money since you need to buy special equipment to remove the shrub from the ground completely. It would be best to consider how to dispose of them once pulled from the soil. Grinding down their stumps also ensures you can replace them when you find the most suitable option for your climate and aesthetic.

Why Do I Need Shrub Removal Services?

There are a number of reasons you may need to call DKI for our professional shrub removal services. Whatever the reason, rest easy knowing your property is in the best hands possible. With our knowledge, experience, and industry-leading tools, we can get the problem shrub removed swiftly so you can have the best landscaping with as little disturbance to the surrounding area as possible. Give DKI a call when any of these issues arise with your shrubs:

  • Overgrowth: If your shrubs are not properly maintained, they can quickly grow out of control, and the best option is to have them removed. Maybe you moved into a new home where they did not manicure the landscaping as well as they should have? DKI can help with shrub removal services.
  • Poor Health: Maybe it was the weather or time that got away from you. Either way, DKI can remove shrubs you are not looking their best and do not have hope to bounce back with additional care. Getting them removed sooner rather than later can improve foot traffic in your business and keep your home’s aesthetic where you want it. Your shrubs could also be infested with bugs or parasites, causing them to decay. By removing them, we can potentially help them from spreading to your other plants and trees included in your landscaping.
  • New Landscaping: Are you ready for a change in your landscaping design? Rely on the professionals at DKI for proper shrub removal services when looking to switch it up with your shrubs, bushes, and more. With our expertise, we can cause little soil disruption to prepare your lawn for the new additions you have chosen for decoration in your yard.

How Much Does Shrub Removal Cost?

There is no direct answer to this question, as each shrub brings its benefits or troubles when attempting to remove it correctly. The team at DKI will work with you, though, inspect the situation, and give you a full report on the costs of shrub removal before even touching a shovel. By offering this type of transparency, we aim to be the only team you call when these types of services are needed. If you have questions about the necessary services or costs, we are happy to go over them to understand the reasoning behind the estimate fully. Once accepted, we quickly get to work to complete the shrub removal services.

What Affects the Cost of Shrub Removal?

As mentioned, no two shrub removal services will be the same, so to give you the best price possible, there are some factors we consider for each job. The first thing that affects how we price the shrub removal service is the size of the shrub itself. Larger ones will be more expensive to pull out and grind, while smaller ones can be more affordable. The root system is the biggest hurdle here because older shrubs will have a more complex structure when it comes to getting underground. If you are considering calling us, it would be better to do so sooner rather than later. The number of shrubs and their location on the property will also help us decide the price of the services. We will also need to determine how many team members will be required to accomplish the task quickly.

What Does the Shrub Removal Process Look Like?

Every shrub removal project begins with the initial evaluation and estimate. We never start any project without your complete approval. Below is the shrub removal process from the DKI team:

  • Measure 20 in. up from the base and remove all branches above that height. Leaving the bottom branches will give us leverage if pulling is necessary. We can also wrap chains around the base and pull with trucks should it be required.
  • We then dig around the base of the primary root ball. If we cannot get through the root system with a shovel, that means we have found the thickest part of the root. We can also use saws or axes to get through the more challenging aspects of the roots.
  • Once the shrub becomes loose at the root system, begin lifting it out from the ground. Using hammers, pry bars, and the before-mentioned chain truck method, we should easily be able to pull it from your property.
  • Next, we will remove as much of the remaining root system as possible. Understand, DKI will not be able to remove the entire system, especially with older shrubs, because their roots can spread wide.
  • Our final step will be to smooth over the shrub removal area with the soil dug up in the process. We make sure the site is prepared to either have a new shrub planted or give you a flat surface to grow fresh grass.

How Will My House Be Affected By Shrub Removal

If your shrubs are located closer to your home or office, we will take every consideration not to disturb the foundation or crawl space. Since older shrubs’ root network gets quite extensive, there will be some portions we will not be able to remove. Our expert team members will alert you when there are any instances like this and decide how we should proceed. With their knowledge of how these roots can impact the building, we will give you multiple options to choose from and await your answer before pressing on with the project.

Reach Out to DKI Services For More Answers!

The team at DKI cannot wait to help you with our expert shrub removal services and more. Allow our experience and skills to reinvigorate your yard to create a better aesthetic and curb appeal. Our team has studied all of the most effective methods for shrub removal and will accomplish the task quickly to have your yard looking its best again in no time. DKI aims to give you peace of mind regarding invasive and overgrown shrubs and even provides 24/7 emergency services should they be needed with uprooted shrubs. Give us a call to start the process with a thorough and detailed evaluation of your property and shrubs. Once we decide the best course of action, we will get your approval and begin the work.