DKI Services Helps Prepare Landscaping After Tree Removal

Protect Your Landscaping With DKI Services

Having tree removal services on your home or office’s property can lead to unsightly problems with the giant hole left behind unless you work with an expert team such as DKI. When we pull trees from your property, we properly prepare the ground for future landscaping projects and safeguard you from creating poor curb appeal until you decide what is getting planted. Our team has helped home and business owners from all across the United States and will ensure your lawn is ready to begin your next landscaping project. Once we assess the area and before we remove the tree, we will go over our game plan about how we intend to make the site accessible for you and your landscapers to perform the necessary services and bring it back to life. From start to finish, we are the crew you need when attempting to achieve a healthy plot of land once the tree has been removed. Our tree removal services include grinding down the stump, and then we can either use that to mulch the area or return the dirt into the hole.

Steps For Tree Removal and Preparation of Soil

When worried about a leaning, dead, dying, or rotting tree on your property, give DKI a call to have us properly remove it and leave the land prepared for your next landscaping project or idea. Once you call us, we will send out one of our well-trained and -qualified team members to inspect and evaluate the health and well-being of your tree. Whether an emergency or by personal choice, it is imperative we examine the tree in question before we start cutting down and clearing the stump. Not doing so could lead to damage and potential injury. The following are all of the following steps when preparing your landscaping:

  • Soil Testing: Depending on the age and health of the tree, the soil we removed it from could be contaminated with fungus, minerals, diseases, or an increased amount of acidity. DKI tests the ground to ensure all of the pH levels are where they need to be to help you grow the next landscape project. If they are off-balance and the acidity is too high, it can be quite challenging to grow plants or vegetables in the area. We put in the work to ensure you can grow whatever you want in the place where the tee used to reside.
  • Prepare the Area: Eliminating the rocks, roots, leftover wood chips, and other debris from the tree removal will help the soil reach natural levels in the ground and make way for new landscaping options. We take care of the root system for about a foot below the earth to prevent further disruptions with growth. If the pH was too high when testing the soil, we will go back and add some limestone to help achieve the exceptional levels.
  • Add the Topsoil: Once the ground has been brought to all the appropriate health levels for growth and landscaping, DKI places a layer of topsoil over the dug-up area. This helps boost the area’s appearance until you are ready to start planting or allowing for the grass to grow. We can mix other options like compost, leaves, and grass clippings to fertilize the ground. Packing it all down is also essential, so the hole becomes solid.

Why Preparation is Important After Tree Removal

If our tree removal services did not include proper preparation of the hole left behind, there could be all sorts of issues that arise on your property. The crater itself presents a danger for anyone walking near it, and if left unattended for an extended period of time, it can be camouflaged by other natural materials. You, a family member, friend, or another guest could experience a sprained ankle, broken leg, busted knee, or other injuries from the unsuspecting hole. The soil could also erode further, making the gap even more profound than initially created after removing the tree and grinding the stump.

If you plan on utilizing this space for additional landscaping features and options, having DKI prepare the area will ensure you have the best chance for growth opportunities. Whether another tree, bush, shrub, or even flowers, the soil needs to be adequately prepared, otherwise the roots of your new plants may not take, and they will die before becoming fully integrated with the rest of your property. These holes can also create less curb appeal depending on how large the crater is once the tree removal services are completed.

Why Work With DKI Services After Tree Removal Services

Our experts work all across the United States and have seen how different trees can affect the health of your land after being removed. Some tree roots go straight down, while others spread out to gather nutrients and help the tree stand upright. They come equipped to your home with all the necessary tools to get the job done entirely swiftly and leave your property ready for whatever the following steps may be for your landscaping. We can give you the tips and advice needed to ensure you have healthy growth from this area once we finish, and if you need further assistance, we are happy to help.

Emergency Tree Removal Services

DKI has over 200 service stations set up throughout the United States, so if there is ever a storm or accident that brings a tree down in your yard or at your business, we are there to help. Emergency tree removal services can be provided to our customers any time of day or night. Once removed, we will also provide you with the same preparation services as we would with scheduled tree removal. Getting your ground ready can help ease the transition of deciding what should be planted to replace the lost tree.

Give DKI a Call When You Need Tree Removals and More

Whether in an emergency or planned, count on DKI for tree removal services and prepare your property for new landscaping projects. We aim to give you the best chance possible when planning to beautify your yard. With proper care and maintenance after removing your trees, you can replace them with new bushes, grass, shrubs, flowers, and more. Having worked with trees for multiple reasons throughout the nation, we will know exactly how to safely take out your tree, bring the land back to its natural state, and be ready for your new planting projects. Give us a call whenever you need us most. We will send out a specialist from the DKI team to evaluate the situation and develop a personalized plan for your tree removal and preparation services.