Tree Removal

Trees can be damaged in many ways, from natural disasters like thunderstorms and tornadoes to natural infestations like rot and insects. These damaged trees can then pose many problems for you. If they’ve already fallen, they may have damaged your house or restricted access to certain parts of your property. Broken trunks and infested wood add an element of foreboding danger to walking through the yard, as you never know when it’s finally going to fall or what’s lurking in the debris. Rather than waiting for a damaged branch or tree to fall, call the professionals at DKI to remove trees from your residential or commercial property.

Safely remove damaged, fallen, or hazardous trees

Before removing damaged trees, a licensed DKI service provider will come to your location and inspect the area. Working with your needs and keeping the process as seamless as possible, we will determine the best course of action for your property and the tree damage it faces.

Our professionals can remove trees and shrubs on a wide range of property sizes. Once the removal is complete, we also offer additional services to make your property beautiful again, including:

  • Professional tree and shrub replacement
  • Landscape resurfacing
  • Landscape restoration

At DKI, we know removing these trees from your property is an important factor in the quality of your safety and its outward appearance, so we’re happy to help you get a yard you’re proud of.

Emergency tree removal services

We offer emergency tree removal and storm damage restoration services around the clock, every day of the year. With over 200 service locations across the United States, our teams are always ready to hit the road and help out.


If a tree is close to your home, its roots may grow toward your foundation, causing the foundation to crack or break. Branches touching your house can also block sunlight, encouraging mold growth. If the tree has begun growing into power lines, this is a critical fire hazard you should address immediately.


Does your tree have hanging or dead branches? While you may not need to worry about small branches, larger ones may fall and damage your home. If the tree has undergone changes to its appearance, such as leaf discoloration, development of nodules, or growth of fungus, it may be diseased and at an increased risk of falling. Consult a local arborist for a professional assessment.

If it’s not an emergency, how do I know if a tree needs to be removed?

Sometimes, it can seem silly to remove a tree if it isn’t actively hurting anything. However, you should watch out for several conditions to determine if you need to remove that towering maple from the backyard. Sometimes, a tree just needs pruning to be put back in good shape. Other times, however, it needs to go.

Call now to schedule your tree removal.