Personal Property Restoration

Let DKI Help You Restore Your Personal Items

When your home or business is damaged by an unforeseen accident or storm, any personal items inside are also vulnerable to damage. While you may be quick to assume that any personal items damaged in such an event are ruined forever, there is actually a good possibility you can restore some of these items to their original condition. DKI offers personal property services, including fine art, fabric, and document restoration, pack-out and storage. We use specialized equipment and techniques to take your items from their damaged condition and return them to a usable state. Please reach out to us to learn more about our restoration services.

We Can Restore All Types of Items

At DKI, we are your restoration experts. We have years of experience in the industry, giving us the appropriate knowledge to restore nearly any item that has been damaged by water, smoke, or other environmental factors. You can feel confident that our team will handle your items with care and ensure they are properly restored. Continue reading to learn more about the items we can restore for both home and business owners.

Fine Art Restoration

Fine art pieces are delicate pieces that must be handled with care, even when you’re simply moving them from room to room. This makes them especially vulnerable to damage from smoke, water, and other disasters. If an unexpected event has left your precious artwork damaged, and you aren’t sure where to turn, DKI is here to help. We will treat your artwork with the utmost care and respect as we identify the best way to return it to its former glory. Using advanced techniques and equipment, we’ll give your pieces new life, so they continue to bring beauty to your home or business.

Document Restoration

Both home and business owners keep important paper documents for reference in the future. Even if you store these items in a safe, secure location, it’s not always enough to protect them from a fire or flood. Water and smoke can severely damage your documents, which can be devastating if you don’t have extra copies. However, DKI is here for you in this time of need. Our team consists of restoration experts who can save your items and ensure any salvageable pieces are returned to their original state. We can complete the restoration of the following paper items:

  • Books and magazines
  • Files and manuscripts
  • Parchments
  • Drawings, maps and blueprints
  • Archives, special collections and library materials

Fabric Restoration

Your home or business is likely full of soft fabric items, like clothing, drapes and furniture. During a disaster, such as a flood or fire, these items can become damaged along with the rest of your structure. Fabrics are notoriously hard to clean, as the fibers can trap contaminants and odors. We use specialized cleaning techniques and advanced equipment to restore all your fabric items. Our cleaning process will remove any harmful VOCs (volatile organic compounds) or unpleasant odors that may have collected on the items during their exposure to smoke, soot or water.

Electronics Restoration

In today’s modern world, electronics are vital to both personal and business operations. Computers store important information and provide a necessary method of communication. Electronic equipment is used to perform daily tasks essential to your business. All of that can be lost in an instant when disaster strikes. Our team at DKI is here to restore the function of these machines with our electronic restoration services. We can perform this service on numerous damaged electronics, including:

  • Computers and servers
  • Telecommunications equipment
  • Manufacturing and production control systems
  • Information satellite control systems
  • Scientific research equipment

Contents Pack-Out & Cleaning

When your home or business experiences a disaster like a fire or a flood, it can leave any exposed items covered in contaminants, dirt, soot and other residues. To return your items to normal, we provide contents pack-out services to remove your items from the disaster area and relocate them to a safe location where they can be cleaned and restored. We will gently pack up all your items and deliver them to a secure, remote location where we can assess their condition and determine an appropriate recovery plan to completely restore them. Once restored, we can return the items to your home or business for you to use as you usually would.

Contact Us for More Information

If your home or business has been devasted by a disaster, there’s only one team to call. DKI will help you through the entire restoration process. We handle everything when it comes to restoration – including pack-out, storage and cleaning of your personal contents and documents – relieving some of your stress from the situation. Our team has a vast network of service providers throughout the United States ready to perform these services. Please reach out to us today to hire us for your restoration needs.