Wildfire Preparedness From DKI Services

DKI Services Safeguards Your Home and Office From Wildfires

Wildfires cause damage all over the United States every year, and if you need help restoring your home after they roll through, please rely on the specialists at DKI. We help home, and business owners all over the country get their lives back after being ravaged by wildfires and more. Equipped with industry-leading tools and years of experience, they work diligently to return your home and office to their pre-wildfire condition. Having worked for so long in the industry, we can even provide you with wildfire preparedness tips and advice to potentially lessen the amount of damage suffered from these natural occurrences. Give us a call today and speak with a DKI specialist to see how you can help your homestead or business in case there is a chance you may see a wildfire in your neighborhood.

What To Do For Wildfire Preparedness

Wildfires are one of the most dangerous natural disasters because they can spread quickly and do not follow any particular path. They can also be challenging to manage from a firefighter’s perspective because of their rebelliousness. Wind helps guide the fire, so there is some predictability, but the brush can carry them on an entirely new path if they get caught in a high dry zone. If your home is on this new path, there are some tasks you can compete to prevent as much as possible. Below is a list of wildfire preparedness tips from the DKI specialists:

  • Clear your yards of dry leaves in or on your gutters, eaves, deck, porch
  • Eliminate any dead or dying tree limbs and branches
  • Prune tree branches, so the lowest ones are six to ten feet above the ground
  • Remove dead vegetation around the yard, under your deck, and 10 yards around the house
  • Place wire mesh screens around any openings under your home, such as decks or crawlspaces
  • Store flammable materials such as firewood at least 30 feet from your home
  • Ensure your lawn stays well hydrated to prevent any brown grass patches
  • Do not allow trimmings to linger in the yard and remove them as soon as possible
  • Check your roof for missing or loose shingles as ember could get into your home through these openings

Get the Community Involved in Wildfire Preparedness

Another big step you can do to help with wildfire preparedness is getting your community involved. Having others in the neighborhood follow the same tips listed above goes quite far when protecting where you live. If they are not following these same steps, your home could be in trouble by proxy. DKI is happy to help them understand why these tasks are essential if you would like to share our contact information with them. Sometimes hearing it from the professionals can go a long way to get them on board. We use our knowledge and experience from restoration to get others to do their part when it comes to wildfire preparedness.

By working together with your neighbors, you can also create evacuation plans for everyone. Plan on multiple exits to give everyone a chance to leave if other roads or natural blockers block your initial exit. Planning practices for these plans help everyone get on the same page and support one another when it comes time for action because of wildfires. Even bringing in the local fire department to help will go a long way in minimizing damages and loss for these raging fires. If you reside where there is a homeownership association, the team should be at the forefront of creating these plans and rules.

Have an Emergency Plan to Place in Action

Another way DKI helps our customers with wildfire preparedness is by assisting them in creating an emergency plan of action when a fire is coming through your neighborhood. By having one of these in action, you can save lives and, hopefully, your home. Below are some of the steps we would have you take when enacting our emergency response to a wildfire:

  • Have all of your important documents like insurance, birth certificates, medication information, and more in a safe space ready to grab and go. You can also place them in a fireproof safe if you have other items to grab. These boxes are readily available at your local retail or hardware stores.
  • Put an evacuation plan for your family in place and have them practice at least once a month to ensure everyone has the knowledge necessary to move quickly and put it into action.
  • Plan for multiple exits and plans to ensure you can put one of them into action. These fires do not play by anyone’s rules and can end up blocking your planned exits, so it is always a good idea to have backup plans.

What To Do After a Wildfire Strikes

You may want to get into action as soon as the fires have subsided in your neighborhood or at your home, but this can put you or your family in even more danger than before the fire took place. There are many dangers when working on restoration projects after a fire, and DKI is the team to call once you are ready to get to work. Our team has the skills, knowledge, and experience to help get you back on your feet swiftly. Even simple tasks like wiping down smoke damage without the proper equipment can lead to issues with your health. All of your appliances should be inspected before attempting to use them. You may not want to eat food exposed to smoke and fire damage as well. DKI even helps with the proper cleaning of your clothes to prevent stains and odors from setting.

Call DKI Services For More Assistance and Restoration Today

For years, DKI has helped homes across the country when it comes to wildfire preparedness and will gladly work with you to protect your family and any associations from safeguarding the neighborhood. Simply reach out to our professional staff if you have further questions about what you can do to prevent as much damage as possible. While we cannot guarantee the safety of the home or community because of the nature of fire, we can help prepare using tried and true techniques. Our team assists with fire restoration all over the United States and have seen what wildfire look like in different climates, neighborhoods, and communities. DKI can help your family and neighbors get the necessary information for preplanning and practicing for these types of events.