Fire Damage Restoration in the U.S.A.

Fire Damage Restoration in the U.S.A.

Call DKI Services for Emergency Fire Clean-Up

Unfortunately, fires are a common and traumatic occurrence that affect thousands of people every day. Experiencing the after-effects of structural damage, health concerns from the smoke, or potential water damage from putting out the fire is likely to take an emotional toll on anyone affected. After a fire has taken place on your property, it is natural not to know exactly what to do. As industry professionals, DKI Services can advise you to take two significant steps towards a better tomorrow:

  1. Call Your Insurance Agent – After evacuating the premises and ensuring the safety of you, your family or employees, it is crucial to reach out to your insurance company. Policies demand property owners contact their agents as soon as reasonably possible to report any losses caused by a fire. With everything racing through your mind after this sort of disaster, it is of utmost importance to not forget to notify your insurance provider, so you are not denied the chances of effective claim action.
  2. Call DKI at 877-533-0210 – Once the firefighters have extinguished any remaining flames, our fire damage restoration specialists in North America will arrive on the scene within two hours of your call to mitigate the damages, secure your property, and begin emergency cleaning. While onsite, our contractors will thoroughly inspect your property and conduct damage assessments and preliminary estimates that will be used to provide a comprehensive fire damage restoration plan.

What to Avoid After Fire Damage

Even if the fire is small and controlled by the time you reach out to the fire damage restoration team at DKI, there are still some steps you will want to avoid due to risks involving toxic gas, smoldering ash and other hazards fires can cause. After a fire, avoid the following:

  • Turning on your home or business air conditioning unit or furnace
  • Consuming any food in the property, including canned items that could have been exposed to extreme heat
  • Trying to fix any gas meters, lines, or propane tanks on your property
  • Touching any hanging or exposed wires
  • Taking any medication that was present on the property during the fire
  • Letting any ash get on your skin
  • Attempting to clean yourself with water, a leaf blower, vacuum, or any other device
  • Sitting on or moving any upholstered furniture
  • Wiping down any walls or absorbent surfaces
  • Using any electrical appliances, such as TVs, microwaves, gaming devices, stereos, etc.
  • Staying in the home

Bringing Comfort & Safety Back to Your Home or Business

Fire and smoke are two elements that can significantly damage your residential or commercial property. Not only do these have the capacity to harm you, your family or employees, they can also majorly degrade the structural integrity of your home or business. We will work to secure your property to prevent any further damage, and our fire restoration team will begin working to bring your property back to the comfortable, safe and healthy environment it once was. Our fire damage restoration services in North America include:

  • Smoke Removal
  • Odor Removal
  • Deodorizing
  • Structural Cleaning and Repair
  • Contents Restoration
  • Water Damage Remediation

As a certified fire damage restoration company, DKI uses the most cutting-edge processes and equipment in the industry to apply a systematic approach to fire clean-up. With more than 45 years of experience helping those whose homes or businesses have been affected by fires and the damage they leave behind, we put the highest value on customer service. We document the entire fire and smoke damage restoration process, so there is complete coverage and transparency for our clients.

Common Fire Starters

With all of our years in the fire damage restoration business, we have witnessed many untimely fires and made many mental notes regarding the most common fire starters. Though fires may seem like an unimaginable event, anyone is vulnerable. Be aware of these potential fire starters:

  • Stove burners
  • Lint buildup in dryers
  • Accidental igniting of flammables (propane, gasoline, hair spray, lighter fluid)
  • Curling irons/hair straighteners that have been left on
  • Faulty wiring
  • Ashtrays
  • Heating and air conditioning units
  • Space heaters
  • Overloaded outlets
  • Unattended children
  • Candles
  • Holiday decorations
  • Grills and barbecues

We aren’t saying you should never cook again or be afraid to put up a Christmas tree during the holiday season, but DKI is here to provide the education necessary in hopes that these tidbits will help to prevent fires and the need for our services in the future. Check out our fire damage restoration success stories to see how even the worst-case scenarios can have a happy ending with our professional fire restoration services! If you or someone you know has fallen victim to fire and smoke damage in North America and needs the help of certified fire restoration professionals to get their life back to normal, contact us today at 877-533-0210.