Dry Fog Sanitation

Dry Fog Sanitation Services in North America

DKI provides dry fog sanitation services to help remove mold and other toxins without demolition. We understand handling mold is a challenging task. Moving furnishings and remodeling during home remediation on top of mold issues makes the process even more difficult. Our dry fog sanitation services provide an effective solution to removing mold without demolition. We deliver guaranteed results for residential and commercial properties without hassle. For over 48 years, DKI has offered exemplary nationwide restoration services in your times of need. We offer emergency disaster services to take the burden off your plate. Contact us to learn more.

What are Disinfectant Fogging Services?

Dry fog technology produces a dry fog that quickly fills every hiding place for tiny mold and bacteria particles. Fogging uses a sprayed disinfectant to eliminate high levels of contaminants in hard-to-reach spaces. It’s a safe and effective way to combat mold, bacteria, and other pollutants without demolition. It’s highly effective at disinfecting horizontal surfaces and most vertical services. Instead of wet fog that creates large droplets, dry fog leaves no trace and is highly effective. The dry fog mold sanitization process uses microscopic droplets that penetrate mold spores and destroy their DNA.

Dry Fog Sanitation Process

The dry fog sanitation process includes:

  • Disinfect – Dry fog reduces microorganisms to safe levels.
  • Cold Sterilant Fog – The cold sterilant dry fog application disinfects the entire home or business.
  • Antimicrobial Protective Coating – A protective barrier combats the return of bacteria or mold spores.

Benefits of Fogging Disinfectants

The most common benefits of dry fog sanitation disinfectants include:

  • Kills germs, viruses, and bacteria in the most challenging areas
  • Kills mold, allergens, and fungi that can cause severe health issues
  • Deodorizes by eliminating certain odors to leave your home smelling fresh

Leave Mold Clean Up to the Professionals

It’s never a good idea to remove mold from your home or business. The contaminated mold is harmful to your health. Contact us immediately if you find mold in your walls, flooded areas, or your HVAC. Our safe mold removal tactics keep your family safe and prevent mold from returning. Our dry sanitation treatments ensure a quick and effective removal process without any hassle.

Why Choose DKI?

DKI is one of the oldest and largest restoration specialists in North America. We have experience in almost all types of disaster renovation services. We utilize the most innovative equipment to ensure your home or business is a safe environment. Our dry fog sanitation services prove that we stay updated to understand what helps you most in your times of need. We’re on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week for you. We will be onsite within two hours of an emergency call to assess the damages and provide an estimate for the scope of work. We will not begin any actual services without your approval.

Contact DKI Services for Dry Fog Sanitation Services

We’re here for you if you need dry fog sanitation services to eliminate mold and pathogens. We can arrive on the scene within two hours to assess the damage, secure your property, and begin treatment. We understand the health concerns of mold, so we’ll handle the jo with respect and follow every possible safety standard. Our service providers are spread throughout the U.S. to help you in your time of need. Contact us today for dry fog sanitation services.