Catastrophe Response

Catastrophe Response

In the event of a large-scale catastrophe…

Disaster can happen anytime, anywhere. When you call a disaster recovery company, they should have the knowledge and the resources to help you out immediately. DKI has over 500 locations throughout the United States that are ready to help you out at a moment’s notice. Our disaster recovery experts are trained to diagnose the extent of the damage and have the experience to fix it. Once dispatched, our 24 hour emergency services are there to help you get things back to normal.

From the minute we arrive to the completion of the project, a DKI licensed contractor will keep you informed during every step of the way. Additionally, we’ll work with your insurance company and ensure you get the disaster recovery and repairs your home or business needs. Not every disaster recovery company will keep you this informed or provide remediation services that are this transparent, but DKI believes it’s absolutely necessary for complete recovery.

When disaster occurs and you need 24 hour emergency services, call DKI for complete and professional service.