Residential Damage Restoration Services

Your home is a major investment and, in the event of a catastrophe, it takes a fast restoration solution to bring you back to normal quickly. DKI provides residential damage restoration services for homeowners throughout the U.S. From mold or broken pipes to complete reconstruction due to a fire or flood, we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with a time sensitive and cost-effective solution.

Our Services for Your Home Restoration Needs:

Water, Flood & Mold Damage Remediation:

When not handled correctly, water damage can cause further damage to your home, including mold or flooding. That’s why the experts of our emergency Water Damage Restoration services team will arrive within just two hours after receiving your call and get to work immediately on assessing the damage to starting the repairs.

Fire & Smoke Damage Repair:

Whether a wildfire erupts in your community, or your kitchen catches fire while preparing dinner, the resulting damage can be devastating. Count on DKI’s professional Fire and Smoke Restoration team to restore your property, removing any lingering soot and odors, and get you and your family back to normal quickly.

Storm Damage & Tree Removal Services:

Storm damage can occur when you least expect it. In fact, tornadoes have the ability to form in a matter of seconds, and hurricanes can increase in strength rapidly, so having a quality team you can rely on for emergency services is important. Put your trust in DKI’s Storm and Wind Damage Restoration services for repair or remediation.

DKI also provides pack-up, storage and cleaning for your personal contents (upholstery, clothing, electronics, and more).

Check out our case studies, including how our teams restored individual homes to full apartment complexes from fire or flood damages.



DKI’s national licensed and credentialed network provides quality emergency response and full-service property restoration services, including containment and infection control services to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and other viral threats.


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Whether it’s caused by a broken kitchen pipe, a flood, or sewer backup, water damage is the most common form of property damage. It can also be the most destructive. At DKI, we provide emergency restoration services within two hours of your call. Our experts use industry-proven water mitigation and drying techniques along with top-of-the-line equipment to restore your home or business.

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Experiencing a house fire is traumatic; the damage it causes, though, can make it feel like that trauma is haunting you. The fire damage restoration contractors at DKI will respond to your call within two hours to assess the damage. From there, our experienced team will implement a plan to restore your home.

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Our disaster recovery team at DKI is industry-certified to provide quick, 24-hour response to damage caused by a storm’s violent winds, torrential downpours and destructive lightning. We’ll minimize the damage and secure your property to lower your repair costs and limit the contents damage of your home or business.

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Mold, asbestos and other hazardous materials create a toxic environment that can make you and your family severely sick. Our team at DKI has the knowledge, training and experience to fix these environmental hazards so your whole household can breathe easier. During our assessment, we’ll also identify any other areas of your home that are at risk of these hazards to ensure all are treated.

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When hospitals or medical facilities are hit by a natural disaster, they require a specialized response team that can contain and control infectious diseases throughout the restoration process. At DKI, we’ve partnered with Gearhart & Associates, LLC to ensure our infectious disease control teams have all the training they need to do effective work while keeping themselves and others safe.

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DKI has teams in over 500 locations throughout the United States to ensure we can dispatch one of our 24-hour response teams anytime, anywhere. Not only will our licensed contractors keep you informed every step of the restoration process, we’ll also work with your insurance company to ensure you get the coverage you need.

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Our DKI teams can assess the damage done to your personal items, whether caused by a natural disaster or hoarding, to help you identify what is salvageable and provide you with high quality restoration services. We’ll keep you updated on the status of your items as we clear out, clean, and treat your personal items with care.

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The professionals at DKI can remove trees and shrubs on a wide range of property sizes. We also offer post-removal services to help restore your property’s landscape. Whether your tree is rotted, fallen, or infested, we’ll clear it out in no time.

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