Complete DKI Restores the Tennyson After Memorial Day Weekend Flooding

Problem On Memorial Day weekend in 2018, the Tennyson, a prestigious condominium in downtown Tallahassee, experienced a flood from an HVAC supply line on the 12th floor. The areas affected included: 41 units, 8 hallways and 8 stairwells. Solution The property manager called Complete DKI, and within just 20 minutes, their mitigation project manager was onsite ready to assess the… Continue reading

CSM Repairs Large Food Packaging Facility in St. Louis After Heavy Rains

CSM Construction Repairs Large Food Packaging at St. Louis, MO

Problem Continuous torrential rain from April 28 through May 1, 2017 in the St. Louis, MO area caused heavy flooding to a 350,000 square foot food packaging facility in Pacific. Solution After impressing Graphic Packaging with their high level of performance from a former job, DKI Member, CSM Construction, was called on scene to help restore the facility’s latest damage.… Continue reading

Complete DKI Provides Speedy Recovery for Water Damaged Medical Office

Problem On January 20, 2017 at 6:30am Complete DKI received a call from the facility manager for a healthcare facility, located in the rural city of Port St. Joe, FL. The water line coming out of a water heater had ruptured and flooded the majority of the first floor of the multi-story building. Solution The Complete DKI team quickly mobilized.… Continue reading

Complete DKI Helps Restore Louisiana School District

Problem Unexpected catastrophic flooding in Louisiana left homes and businesses in several parishes severely damaged. Solution DKI Member, Complete DKI, helped one of the parishes that sustained damage to its schools, office facilities, libraries and its church. The team worked with the school district to restore their properties, including four of its schools, with up to six feet of silty… Continue reading

Strength in Numbers: DKI Members Restore Software Campus in Verona from Large Water Loss

Problem During the month of July 2016, thunderstorms with heavy winds and hail produced widespread damage across Wisconsin. Due to the velocity of these storms, two buildings, Oz and Grimm on the Epic Software Campus in Verona, WI, were largely affected. Both buildings were located within an active construction site with hundreds of workers on site when the flooding occurred.… Continue reading

Water Damage Restoration For Major Children’s Apparel Store

Problem On Sunday evening after closing, a large national children’s retailer in Ohio called in needing emergency water damage restoration services for damaged the ceiling tiles and hardwood floors of one of their retail stores. The store requested to be in condition to open the next morning at 10:00 AM. Solution Reassuring the client, the DKI member on the call told them… Continue reading

Water/Flood Damage Restoration For Local Schools

Problem On an early Sunday morning, a Frenchtown School District employee arrived at Frenchtown Junior High and High School to discover a leak. A pipe in the boiler room had broken, spilling more than 1,200 gallons of water per minute throughout the school. Solution DKI was called onsite to begin flood damage restoration services. When the team arrived, they began damage… Continue reading

Water Mitigation At Bridge Properties

Problem In September 2013, unprecedented, record-breaking rainfall had caused widespread flooding throughout Colorado, including areas that didn’t have any history of flooding. In Aurora, the Landon Park Apartments were flooded by rising ground water, and the number of affected units was increasing rapidly. Simultaneously, in Denver, Dartmouth Place, a complex of 20 three-story buildings with 24 units each, was experiencing… Continue reading