Complete DKI Keeps Mcguire’s Irish Pub Operational after Severe Storm Damage

Problem During the winter of 2017, a streak of nasty storms, creating multiple tornados and straight-line winds, caused damage to several structures along the Gulf Coast, including Complete DKI’s client, McGuire's Irish Pub in Destin, FL. McGuire's experienced severe damage to approximately one third of its flat roof over the main dining area. With peak vacation season just around the… Continue reading

Complete DKI Restores Port Arthur Public Library Hit by Hurricane Harvey

Problem When Hurricane Harvey slammed into Texas in 2017, Port Arthur, TX became inundated with flood waters. One of the many buildings affected, the Port Authur library, had three feet of standing water and took over 48 hours before the water receded. The library held over $12M in books, one third of which were, unfortunately, housed below the flood line,… Continue reading

DKI Repairs Senior Living Community After Major Hail Storm in North Texas

Problem On Sunday, March 26, 2017, severe storms with softball-size hail and damaging winds hammered parts of North Texas, including Denton and Collins Counties. The storms departed by Monday morning, and no injuries were reported, but Little Elm was left with damaged homes, broken windows, fallen trees and downed utility lines. Solution DKI was called to Lakeside Manor Apartments, a… Continue reading

Shopping Plaza Restored After Two Tornadoes Sweep Through

Complete DKI Storm Damage Restoration in Pensacola, FL

Problem In February 2016, two unexpected tornadoes, seven days apart from each other, passed through the exact same location in Pensacola, FL. The first occurred around 6:00 p.m. on February 15, 2016, lasting only a couple of minutes. It tore through the Eastgate Plaza, removing roofs and business signs, shattering storefront windows, and leaving most of the area without power.… Continue reading