Water Mitigation At Bridge Properties in Denver and Aurora

Flooded street in Denver


Project Type: Water Mitigation
Building Type: Multi-Family Housing
Contact: DKI Commercial Solutions


In September 2013, unprecedented, record-breaking rainfall had caused widespread flooding throughout Colorado, including areas that didn’t have any history of flooding. In Aurora, the Landon Park Apartments were flooded by rising ground water, and the number of affected units was increasing rapidly.

Simultaneously, in Denver, Dartmouth Place, a complex of 20 three-story buildings with 24 units each, was experiencing rainfall, resulting in heavy water infiltration into the apartments.


Bridge Properties, the property management company for both Landon Park and Dartmouth Place, called DKI Commercial Solutions (DKICS) to assist.

DKICS arrived for pumping and water extraction for 16 reported units of Landon Park. However, by the time of their arrival, 101 units in total had reported water intrusion. And, shortly after, the second story units reported water infiltration from the roof. As the count grew to 150 units, more DKICS members were called in, bringing more manpower of experienced project managers to help restore this 32-building apartment complex and get the tenants back into their units quickly. When the project was completed, the DKI network had successfully restored nearly 200 units that had experienced water damage or infiltration.

Over in Denver, more than 30 units of Dartmouth Place had reported water infiltration. When DKICS finished the water pumping, extraction and drying a week later, a total of 75 units had been fully mitigated.

Between these two projects, DKICS exemplified the strength of its network of quality and professional contractors who can bring national support to local markets – anywhere in the US.