Water Damage Restoration At Tower Of Four Lakes


Project Type: Water Damage
Building Type: Apartment Complex
Date of Loss: Winter 2014

Heavy rains caused a large underground parking structure, underneath the apartment complex of the Tower of Four Lakes in Lisle, IL, to flood with an estimated 3.2 million gallons of water. The flooding also impacted an elevator shaft leading and the residential lobby area.

After our water damage restoration service inspected the building, JC Restoration worked closely with structural engineers to insure the structural integrity of the building. This was to ensure the building was not compromised during pumping and extraction, due to hydrostatic pressure. This part of the flood restoration process needed to be monitored 24/7.

With the use of two 6 inch pumps, the water level was lowered by 1.5 inches every hour, which is approximately 100,000 gallons per hour. Within the first 24 hours, JCR was able to successfully decrease the water level by 14 inches. This process avoided any negative impact to the stability and structure of the buildings.

Residents were evacuated so that water damage clean up and extraction could take place, Additionally, residents were evacuated for the inspection of the compromised electrical system.

JCR’s restoration services for this project included: emergency services mitigation, extraction, dehumidification, restorative drying, rapid response mobilization, board-up services, structure cleaning, and debris removal. These were all effectively completed on January 22, 2014.