Mold Remediation With Foam Generators


Project Type: Mold Remediation
Building Type: Residential
Contact: 1st Aide Restoration
Date of Loss: November 25-29, 2013

After 1st Aide Restoration was referred to the property owner of a conventional two-story home, they immediately got to work to inspect the mold situation, and put together a mold abatement plan. The homeowner had experienced a long-term plumbing leak in his crawlspace, which caused the floorboards to buckle up several inches under the carpet.

Another mold removal company had previously installed drying equipment, but several days later had removed this equipment without completing the job.

1st Aide Restoration installed an AQS 1200 Desiccant and tubing to ensure the pressure was neautral at all times, and to not contaminate the occupied rooms above. This drying process took several days.

While the drying took place, 1st Aide Restoration put into effect a mold remediation plan for the crawlspace, before conducting a separate remediation for the two occupied rooms. Using their newest technology, the FOAM-it Junior, which receives chemical and air from the unit to create a foam when mixed, they created an extreme whitening reaction to remove the tough stains. Turning a liquid into foam increased its efficacy substantially.

The homeowner was appreciative for 1st Aide Restoration’s professionalism and project follow-through. They said they felt as if a weight had been lifted from their shoulders.