Large Water Loss In Wisconsin


Project Type: Water Damage
Building Type: Class A Commercial Office Space
Contact: J.C. Restoration - Rolling Meadows, IL A&J Specialty Services DKI - DeForest, WI
Date of Loss: July 2016

Thunderstorms with heavy winds and hail produced widespread damage across Wisconsin during the month of July 2016. Due to the velocity of these storms, two buildings: Oz and Grimm on the Epic Software Campus in Verona, WI were largely affected. Oz and Grimm were located within an active construction site with hundreds of workers on site when the flooding occurred. So, both buildings required emergency water damage restoration to continue the construction.

Originally, A&J Speciality Services DKI was called to the loss on July 22, 2016, but due to limited manpower and the strength of the DKI network, they contacted J.C. Restoration to assist. The JCR team immediately headed out to the site, 130 miles away, within the same day of the call, for the initial inspection.

They determined that the following water damage restoration services were needed. The team discovered multiple areas were affected, including the drywall, insulation and flooring in both buildings. With the large amount of square footage affected, the immediate deadline, the distance between the two buildings and the confusing layouts, logistics for equipment and personnel were challenging, offering limited power options.

Before water damage restoration begun, JCR completed cleaning and disinfecting prior to installing the drying equipment, with hepa filtration and installing temporary power. Throughout the restoration process, both buildings remained climate controlled.

Even with the challenges JCR and A&J Specialty experienced, the teams were able to successfully complete the job and remove all equipment within five days to allow the construction workers to continue working on site.