Fire/Smoke Remediation For Popular Retail Pet Store


Project Type: Fire Damage
Building Type: Single-Story Pet and Retail Store
Contact: Rapid Restoration LLC
Date of Loss: August 25, 2013

In the middle of the night, an electrical fire started in a display counter at the 20,000 square foot pet store in North Jackson, TN. While the cause was unknown, the fire was limited to a small section of the store and was extinguished quickly.

However, there was extensive smoke and water damage throughout the single story, strip mall store. A local emergency response team extracted the water from the property. Rapid Restoration DKI was on site the next day to develop what fire restoration services were needed and work schedule with a team representing the insurance company, Watterson property managers, and store personnel.

Rapid Restoration DKI was hired not only for its experience with fast/effective recovery and fire restoration services, but also for its ability to coordinate the requirements and requests of this diverse team. The first two days on site Rapid Restoration provided support services, such as, removing salvageable furnishing into storage pods and removing/recycling non-salvageable displays and furnishing. After the claims inspection, the team developed the scope of work and the schedule to complete the work.

The scope fire damage cleanup of work included removing and replacing all wet and damaged drywall, insulation and other wet building materials, along with cleaning the surface areas that were not water damaged. The office’s ceiling tiles and protective insulation were soot damaged and had to be replaced as well. Since there were no drop ceilings above the sales floor, the exposed metal roof decking and bar joist system had to be cleaned by hand and then painted. Additionally, they found areas that needed additional structural drying. A complete duct cleaning was performed as well.

During the cleaning process, Odorox hydroxyl units were used to neutralize odor. These machines are considered green technology. While they eliminate odor, they also purify the air and decontaminate surfaces.

What made this project extraordinary was the continuous coordination and communications it took to keep building a focused consensus among the team members as the project progressed. This project had a really tight schedule and Rapid Restoration was able to schedule personnel, materials and equipment around the store requirements in order to complete the project for the crews that were coming in after our restoration and reconstruction.

Rapid Restoration DKI led this effort with daily meetings, sometimes two or three meetings in one day. The project was completed in 19 days – on time and according to schedule. The store was back in business after the trauma of a fire and the expectations of all team members were satisfied.

We have a motto:

R: Respond
A: Assess
P: Plan
I: Implement
D: Deliver

It’s short but sums up the way Rapid Restoration DKI helps businesses recover.