Fire/Smoke Remediation For Large National Drugstore


Project Type: Fire/Smoke Remediation
Building Type: Free Standing, Single-Store Drug Store
Contact: First Response Services, Inc. & Nivek Services Inc.
Date of Loss: June 15, 2014

About 10:30 p.m., Sunday, June 15, 2014, a small fire started in an aisle display at one of the nation’s largest pharmaceutical distributors. Arson is suspected. The sprinkler system was activated and put the fire out before there was too much damage. Soon, the fire department arrived and turned off the water. First Response was called to clean up the water and remediate the smoke and fire damage. They arrived and began fire damage restoration within two hours of the call.

First Response Services, Inc. was first on the scene and focused on water extraction, drying, and other fire damage clean up. Luckily, the pharmacy section of the store did not sustain heavy damage. However, the pharmacy asked Clean Harbor, their pharmaceutical specialist, to inventory the store for potential toxic or hazardous spills and to dispose of harmful substances according to environmental regulations.

Just as First Response DKI was finishing extracting water from over 5,000 square feet of the store, the scope of work was expanded but the scheduled time-frame for re-opening the store remained the same. A second DKI member, Nivek Services, Inc., joined the DKI Team for the removal of the damaged merchandise, smoke remediation and the removal of all the contents on the sales floor and in storage areas. As the clean-up progressed, the fire-, smoke- and water-damaged stock that was removed filled twelve 40-yard dumpsters. The estimated value of the damaged goods and furnishing was $480,000.

While there was very little actual fire damage repair to do, the smoke and water damage lead to the replacement of 15,000 square feet of ceiling tiles. Another addition to the scope was the store’s request that DKI restock the shelves. It was a big task and it was completed in a relatively short period of time.

The original schedule was to re-open the store on the following Monday. Even though the scope of work increased during the week, the combined resources of the two DKI member teams met all the challenges and the store opened a day earlier than scheduled.

A fast-track project like this takes a precise coordination of all the parties that have to be involved to keep the project moving. For the DKI Team, is was like pieces of a puzzle coming together, some not fully known until the scope of work was enlarged. The health inspector, dumpster contractor, Walgreen’s manager, insurance adjuster, fire department and DKI all focused on the goals to complete this project and restore the pharmacy back to the people it serves.