Fire Restoration With Foam Generators


Project Type: Fire/Smoke Restoration
Building Type: Residential
Contact: DKI Member
Date of Loss: December 5, 2013 - January 13, 2014

In December, 2013, DKI was called to do fire restoration services to a private residence’s wood stove (supplemental heat system). In general, there must be enough clearance between the flue pipe and combustible materials, such as wood framing. This residence, however, had a heavier gauge metal flue pipe, limiting the amount of space, causing the wood framing to catch fire.

The team immediately got to work on fire damage restoration. Because it is difficult to effectively replace the brick veneer due to homeowner preferences and differences in lot colors, DKI had to clean and remove the stains on the brick veneer. Using Innovative Cleaning Equipment’s FOAM-iT Junior and RECON Heavy Duty Cleaner (Fiberlock Technologies, Inc.), our team had the capability to do so. The FOAM-iT created a thick foam of the cleaner and air to ensure all materials were rinsed without leaving an alkaline residue or smoke.

Though the worst area of charred and smoke damaged material was the backside of the brick veneer, located directly above where the wood framing had caught on fire, DKI was able to thoroughly clean this, using smoke damage repair and restoration techniques to remove the stains and odor. After completion, the fire stains were removed from the wooden band, concrete block and brick veneer, resulting in a residence completely free of residual smoke odor. Our team was able to return the residence to the homeowner in original condition.