Electrical Fire Repair to Apartment in Rutherford County



Project Type: Fire Damage
Building Type: Multi-Level Housing
Date of Loss: March - November 2017


On Thursday, March 22 around 4:30 p.m., an electrical fire started in an apartment complex in Murfreesboro, TN. The fire had originated in the ceiling and floor of two units. Fire departments were able to contain the fire, but those two units experienced extensive damage to their interior and exterior.


DKI was called and arrived on scene to analyze the damages and get to work right away. Among the damages to the two source units, the team also identified varying degrees of water and smoke damage in the remaining 14 units in the building. Within the first five days, these 14 units were thoroughly cleaned and dried, while fire investigations continued in the source units.

Next, by working with the local building authorities to confirm safety of the electrical systems, the team was able to get four of the 16 units back up to be listed online quickly. Once these units were occupied, DKI began working with the municipality and the adjuster to gain approval to re-route the electrical trunk service lines to eight of the other units. Each of these had lines that passed through the source unit and, because of damage or other concerns of risk, they could not be used to service other units. Once complete, all but the source units had reestablished occupancy.

Finally, DKI received confirmation that all fire investigations on the source units were complete. They reached agreements with the carrier and approval from property managament to proceed with the repairs to these two units. However, these were met with some challenges related to extensive retrofitting of floor systems and load designs that required engineering and municipality agreements.

DKI overcame these challenges and successfully completed all repairs, including those to the framing. Before After Before