Restoring a Private Island from a Cistern Collapse


Project Type: Emergency Response/Construction - Building Collapse
Building Type: Private Island Cistern
Contact: DKI Commercial Solutions
Date of Loss: February 2012 - June 2014

Our team was contacted by Chubb Insurance to repair a collapsed cistern on a private island in the San Juan Islands, north of Seattle, WA. The cistern had collapsed due to old age, as it was originally built in 1945. This was an extremely vital project for the island’s residents, as it was the main source of water for drinking, irrigation and bathing.

Immediately, our contractors began working closely with engineering teams to assess the damage and structural design. They built a storage structure on the island’s tennis court to hold all the contents from the collapsed building. Unfortunately, the tennis court could not embrace the weight of the new structure, and it collapsed as well.

The cistern project took 120 trips to unload 160 yards of concrete. Because of the island’s remote location, we had to utilize the Washington State ferry system and a private boat to transport the barges of concrete, which took three hours one way. Unfortunately, we were only capable of working four hours each day due to the tides, but were able to cut labor times and costs by utilizing a private plane, as well.

Between the cistern structure and the repairs to the tennis court, we completed the entire project, meeting design standards to withstand severe weather, in just over two years. The client expressed how happy they were with the design and finishes of the building.