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Biohazard cleanup is dangerous to humans. Diseases, pathogens, and contaminants can live in the air for weeks once released and cause potentially fatal side effects to any who are exposed. You need the biohazard cleanup team from DKI to work in your home or business to provide safe, complete sanitization and cleanup to keep your people safe. Our company sets the standard in professional, compassionate biohazard situations. With over 200 service locations across the United States, our specialists can be at your residential or commercial property within two hours of an incident to ensure a complete restoration experience that exceeds your expectations. We are here to help you through all types of traumatic events, such as sudden death, accident or injury, catastrophic damages and spills, and other calamities. Call us today for service.

When Should I Call A Biohazard Cleanup Professional?

Any type of biohazard cleanup is stressful. They are events resulting from unexpected sickness, trauma, accidents, and even death. They require the assistance of undaunted professionals who respond to all issues with a trained expert’s calm certainty. The specialists at DKI provide the experienced biohazard personnel you need. Our teams will discretely work to remove blood, bodily fluids, and other biohazards for various circumstances. The most common of which include:

  • Accidents: Biohazards can come from both residential and commercial accidents. DKI has the tools, techniques and proven processes to handle spills, containment breaks, chemical leaks, and more.
  • Hoarding Cleanup: Piled trash and debris can spread harmful bacteria, mold, and other pestilences. DKI goes into homes and businesses to remove all refuse and disinfect the area quickly and efficiently.
  • Sewage Cleanup: Few substances carry more harmful microorganisms than sewage. Whether in liquid, solid form, or both, our experienced technicians take every step to remove hazardous materials and restore your property to pre-spill conditions.
  • Pathological Waste: Pathological waste can include organs, tissues, surgical specimens, and bodily fluids removed during surgery or autopsy. Because of their infectious nature, DKI has specialized incineration processes, which we follow closely during removal and disposal.

What Are The Benefits of Professional Biohazard Cleanup?

Our business is about more than just professional cleanup. Our company is about people. Working with us, you get comprehensive, compassionate assistance that removes situational stress and lets you focus on rebuilding. Our fully trained teams are always ready to serve your residential or commercial needs, regardless of the size and scope. Aside from peace of mind, hiring us for your hazardous cleanup offers additional benefits as well. These benefits include:

  • Improved Safety: Some biohazard scenarios involve infected blood, bodily fluids, and airborne pathogens. These elements can be harmful, even deadly, to humans. Our expert biohazard cleanup and disinfectant services take you out of harm’s way. DKI technicians possess the knowledge, proper safety gear, and state-of-the-art equipment to keep your family and employees safe.
  • Saved Time: Properly cleaning a biohazard scene yourself can take months. Even if you think you have scrubbed and sanitized every affected area, there may be microorganisms and other contaminants you cannot see. Our cleanup teams handle biohazard remediation every day. DKI’s proven, efficient process targets and sterilizes undetected germs and contagions, saving you time.
  • 24-Hour Service: Disasters strike without warning. Be prepared to handle any calamity with 24-hour emergency service from the professionals at DKI. Our teams can be on-site at your home or business within two hours of your emergency call, day or night.

Why Choose DKI for Biohazard Cleanup?

For over 48 years, DKI has offered fast, efficient biohazard cleanup to customers across the country. We work with home and business owners every day to ensure their properties are safe. Our company is fully licensed and insured, and we strive every day to earn customer trust. We monitor and adhere to the strict protocols set in place by the CDC, EPA, and OSHA. We promise to eliminate almost all bacteria, viruses, contaminants, and odors and give you a deeper level of clean. Call us today for more.

Contact DKI for All Your Biohazard Cleanup

When you need hazardous cleanup to restore your home or business interior, leave it to the professionals at DKI. We combine experience and expertise with quality products to remove the danger and give you the biohazard cleanup you deserve. To keep your property contaminant-free, do not hesitate to contact us!