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Infectious Disease Control

Hospitals and medical facilities also run the risk of being affected by natural disasters. Like other businesses, these facilities rely on first responders and renovation crews to work on repairing the damages after floods, earthquakes, storms and other situations happen.  But they also need trained professionals able to control infectious diseases in the process. Having a renovation crew that is knowledgeable in infectious disease control can make this process less risky and more efficient. 

Since hospitals affected by natural disasters risk the spread of airborne pathogens and infectious diseases, the requirement of construction compliance standards has become an increasing concern.  It is crucial for first responders to be prepared for these challenges.

This is why DKI partnered with The Linders Health Institute to bring specialized up-to-date training to its member companies. Those members can show you their proof of specialized training completion and their Critical Environment Reconstruction Contractors (CERC) accreditation.

Infectious disease control training is valuable to a team for a number of reasons, but mainly to ensure a crew and surrounding population’s safety. 

For more information on DKI’s infectious disease control initiatives and training, please contact us today.