Industrial Hygiene Services

Keep Your Tenants and Employees Safe

DKI’s team of knowledgeable and certified industrial hygienists helps you protect the health of your tenants and employees through the anticipation, recognition, evaluation, and control of health hazards in buildings and facilities.

Whether you are looking for peace of mind after major restoration efforts, or want to get ahead of potential hazards, DKI works with you to find the right solutions for your industrial hygiene needs.

DKI’s Industrial Hygiene Services

  • Industrial Hygiene Consulting
  • Industrial Hygiene Sampling and Surveying
  • Process Monitoring
  • Exposure Monitoring
  • Personal Noise Dosimetry and Facility Sound Level Surveys
  • Industrial Hygiene Compliance
  • Compliance and Remediation Solutions for Regulated Building Materials

What is Industrial Hygiene?

Industrial hygienists are professionally educated and trained to anticipate, recognize, evaluate, and develop controls for occupational health hazards and indoor environmental issues.

Industrial hygiene services also involve navigating regulatory compliance issues with agencies such as OSHA, MSHA, and the U.S. EPA.

DKI helps our customers meet or exceed regulatory standards by conducting exposure assessments, using expert sampling strategies, and making clear recommendations for improvements.

Your Safety Is Our Business

Whether you need industrial hygiene services, storm, fire, or water restoration, health and safety consulting, environmental testing, or risk management evaluation and planning, DKI’s team and national network of affiliates have you covered. Our expertise extends to nearly every commercial, residential, and public industry.

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