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DKI Commercial Solutions has considerable experience when dealing with damage restoration for hospitals and medical facilities. We understand that when disasters happen, these are the most crucial places people turn to when they are in need. We continue to train on the latest products, tools and knowledge within the healthcare field to keep your facility up and running throughout the restoration process, so you can continue to provide the care vital to your patients and the community you serve. With this knowledge, we can ensure you the highest quality service and safety during disaster recovery.

Infection Control

Since hospitals affected by natural disasters risk the spread of airborne pathogens and infectious diseases, the requirement of construction compliance standards has become an increasing concern, and it is crucial for first responders to be prepared for these challenges. This is why DKI partnered with The Linders Health Institute to bring specialized up-to-date training to its member companies. Those members can show you their proof of completing the course and their Critical Environment Reconstruction Contractors (CERC) accreditation.

STARC Airtight Containment

DKI has the knowledge and tools to keep your facility running throughout the restoration process. Partnering with Simple Telescopic Airtight Reusable Containment (STARC) Systems, DKI can build a removable, airtight wall to ensure the rest of your building remains undamaged and unaffected from the repair process, allowing you to continue business as usual with your patients.

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