Health and Safety Services

DKI is Your Partner in Safety and Risk Management

In today’s landscape of prolific scientific and technological progress, it’s nearly impossible to ensure regulatory compliance and keep your business profitable.

DKI is a qualified, independent agency that provides health and safety audits—and a wide range of other risk management services—to assist our clients in meeting their policy goals and regulatory compliance requirements.

DKI’s Safety and Risk Management Services

  • Workplace safety audits
  • Behavioral-based safety assessments
  • Health & safety audits
  • Fire & life safety
  • Contract safety services
  • Total risk solutions
  • Enterprise risk management
  • Risk assessments

Why Partner with DKI

Our highly experienced health and safety experts are on your side, ensuring your employees are safe and your operations are in compliance. We make it our mission to stay at the forefront of industry advancements and regulatory standards so you don’t have to.

We develop safety plans, perform hazard assessments, and update personal protective equipment (PPE). We also provide comprehensive industrial hygiene project management for firms that require more complex air and noise assessment and regulatory reporting.

Managing Risks for the Long Run

Risk management is beneficial for all types of businesses. Not only does incorporating effective risk management reduce or eliminate costly regulatory fines, but it improves productivity, enhances worker satisfaction, and lowers other costs such as workers’ compensation and insurance.

Our goal is to identify realistic and streamlined ways to control the risks in your workplace. We know you want to protect your employees and your business. DKI is your partner in creating a culture of safety and planning for the safe future of your company as it grows.

Your Safety Is Our Business

Whether you need industrial hygiene services, storm, fire, or water restoration, health and safety consulting, environmental testing, or risk management evaluation and planning, DKI’s team and national network of affiliates have you covered. Our expertise extends to nearly every commercial, residential, and public industry.

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