Emergency Damage Response

DKI Provides Emergency 24/7 Damage Response

We Provide Prompt Services to Repair Property Damage

Unexpected damage can occur at your home or business, resulting in a disruption to your daily activities. Whether the damage has been caused by a storm, water leak, fire, or other unfortunate event, you need the quick response of an emergency services team like DKI. We provide emergency damage response to residential and commercial clients throughout the country, helping you return your property to its original state. We arrive on-site within two hours after we receive your emergency call. There’s no time to waste when your property has been damaged, so we encourage you to contact us right away. Please reach out to us and we’ll send a crew of experienced specialists to your site.

We’ll Restore Your Space to Its Original Condition

When your home or business sustains damage, all you want is for things to return to normal. While a complete restoration can’t happen overnight, you can get the ball rolling quickly when you hire an emergency response team like DKI. With our immediate response, you can help minimize the damage and get your space and life back to normal as quickly as possible. Our team works tirelessly to eradicate any damage you’ve experienced as well as any potential supplementary damages. Our emergency response team is available at all hours to get started on your restoration process, and will work around the clock as needed to ensure your space is returned to a livable condition.

Cleanup Services for All Types of Damage

Damage to your home or business can come in many different forms and strike when you least expect it. No matter the damage, you need a reliable crew to clean everything up and restore your space. DKI provides emergency damage response for all types of problems, whether it’s roof damage from an unexpected storm, smoke and soot damage from an electrical fire, water damage from a busted pipe, or another form of damage, no matter what size. Our team has extensive experience and knows the correct way to address any type of damage and tailors our services to meet your unique needs. We provide services for all of the following:

  • Water Damage: Water damage is one of the most common types of damage to occur and can cause many issues. Our emergency team will arrive at your property quickly to help minimize the damage and begin the restoration process. We use the latest equipment and techniques to ensure your home or business is properly restored.
  • Biohazard: Biohazard situations present a risk to any individuals who come into contact with the scene. These types of cleanups should never be attempted by anyone but a professional, as you could be putting your health and safety at risk, as well as that of others. Our team knows the proper way to handle these situations.
  • Fire & Smoke: Fire and smoke can be especially devastating, as it can quickly overturn your life and make it seem like everything is lost. However, with professional restorers like DKI, many items can be salvaged after a fire. Our team can help you rebuild after this traumatic event.
  • Storm Damage: Storms can produce heavy rains and strong winds, all of which can cause damage to your home or business. If your roof is damaged, it can leave your entire home vulnerable to additional damage. But with the emergency response of our team, we’ll secure the property quickly and ensure the damage doesn’t continue to spread.
  • Mold Remediation: Mold can quickly grow out of control, damaging not only your property, but also putting all of its residents at risk for health concerns. We have the appropriate resources to assess your mold infestation and provide the services you need to return your home or business to a safe and healthy state.
  • Healthcare Services: We provide specialized services to medical and non-medical facilities to help contain infectious diseases during the restoration process. Our DKI Healthcare Services teams undergo significant and up to date training about effective protocols to keep illnesses contained and disinfect your property.
  • Catastrophe Response: We know damage is often unexpected, making it more difficult to recover. In the event of a catastrophe, DKI has the nationwide manpower and extensive supply of equipment to mobilize anywhere damage occurs and handle any size loss. Our team responds right away to ensure you get the help you need when and where you need it.
  • Personal Item Restoration: Many times, when damage occurs to your home or business, you begin throwing out any affected belongings. Truthfully, many of these items can be salvaged with the right training and equipment to restore them. DKI can sort through your personal items, clean and restore those that are salvageable, discard anything not, and even store your items for you while we complete the repairs of your home or business.
  • Tree Removal: Rotting or compromised trees are a leading cause of damage to your home or business, as they are more susceptible to falling over during strong winds. That’s why it’s important to remove them as soon as possible. With DKI’s professional tree removal services, we can help you prevent catastrophes to your structure from fallen trees, or remove those that have fallen and caused damage.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Team for Cleanup Services

If your home is damaged by an unforeseen disaster, storm, or other devastating event, the cleanup process can seem overwhelming. You don’t have to handle this burden alone, as our professional restoration team can help you with the cleanup process, from beginning to end. Our team will assess the damage, identify and clean what can be salvaged, and take over all aspects of the restoration process. There are many benefits to hiring a professional for your disaster and biohazard cleanups, including:

  • Expert Service: At DKI, emergency restoration is our specialty. We have years of experience and expertise and know exactly how to handle cleanup and restoration for a variety of events, whether it’s a flood, tornado, fire, or biohazard.
  • Safer Cleanup: Emergency damage restoration can be a dangerous job. The structure of your building may not be sound, making it dangerous for inexperienced individuals to attempt cleanup. In addition, biohazard events or debris from the restoration process can expose you to harmful contagions if you don’t follow proper protocols or have the right equipment. DKI’s team will ensure your cleanup is completed safely and all dust, debris and other harmful agents are contained to keep you out of harm’s way.
  • Peace of Mind: After a catastrophic event, you likely have a lot on your mind. It can be a difficult time as you try to process your emotions and figure out how to regroup and recover after the loss of personal items. You have enough on your plate and shouldn’t have to stress over the cleanup process. By handing restoration tasks over to a professional, you can focus on more important things. DKI allows you peace of mind during stressful times by handling the restoration from beginning to end through a cost-effective and time-saving approach, while keeping you updated along the way.

When Is a Biohazard Professional Needed?

Biohazard cleanups are especially difficult, as they require much more care and attention to eradicate germs and contaminants and keep them from spreading or infecting others. Hiring a biohazard professional like DKI will ensure your site is cleaned up safely and responsibly. You should never attempt to clean up a biohazard site yourself as you could be putting yourself and others at risk for many health issues, diseases, and illnesses. A biohazard professional is necessary for all of the following situations:

  • Sewage cleanup
  • Hoarding cleanup
  • Drug cleanup
  • Crime scenes and accidents
  • Death and decomposition
  • Pathological waste
  • Blood cleanup

Trust Our Team of Trained Technicians

Restoration service is a specialty that requires specific training. It takes a keen eye to assess damages, identify additional potential damages, provide restoration services for both, and identify salvageable items from ruin. DKI’s teams undergo year-round trainings to stay up-to-date on all types of restoration processes and for proper operation of the latest state-of-the-art industry equipment and technology. We ensure each of our service providers is fully certified in all services they offer. Through our knowledge and certifications, you can count on DKI to comprehensively evaluate your damage and restore it to pre-loss condition. Our fully trained and experienced technicians will restore your home or business and, in the process, restore normalcy to your life. Be sure to reach out to us for all your restoration needs.

We Use Advanced Restoration Equipment

Even the most experienced and knowledgeable team can only get so far without the proper restoration equipment. That’s why DKI equips our technicians with the most advanced equipment to effectively dry, disinfect, and deodorize your home or business. Our equipment allows us to reverse the effects of both obvious and unseen damages to your property, restoring your space to a livable state. Our advanced equipment and quick response allow us to complete comprehensive restoration services, from emergency board-up and tarping to total reconstruction. With a vast network of restoration experts nationwide, you can count on us to take quick action no matter where you’re located. We always arrive on-site within two hours of an emergency call.

Why You Should Choose DKI

When you are faced with an emergency that requires cleanup, there’s only one team to call. DKI can perform emergency damage remediation to get your space back to normal. We have years of experience and a nationwide presence. With a network of restoration contactors, we will be on-site for emergencies within two hours of your call, no matter where you’re located. We’ll work quickly to stop additional damage and get you back to your daily routine. Please reach out to us today for additional information or to request a team at your site.