Emergency Restoration Services

Call DKI for 24-hour disaster restoration services

Unexpected damage from a storm, water leak, fire, or other unfortunate event can strike your home or business at any time. When disaster hits, it’s important to have a quick and reliable emergency restoration service at the ready: that’s when you call DKI.

24/7 Emergency Helpline


Our 24/7 Disaster Restoration Services

We provide emergency disaster restoration services to residential and commercial clients throughout the country, helping you return your property to its original state. With DKI’s rapid response and network of highly experienced professionals, we can help you minimize damage and get your life and business back to normal as quickly as possible. Our services include:

When Disaster Strikes, Call DKI

You don’t have to face the aftermath of property damage alone. Our professional restoration team is here to help with the cleanup process from beginning to end. We manage each and every aspect of the restoration process so you don’t have to.

Why choose DKI’s emergency restoration services:

  • Service by Experts: DKI has years of experience and expertise in disaster restoration. Whether you’ve experienced a flood, tornado, fire, or biohazard, our network of professionals has the expertise needed to restore your property.
  • Safer Cleanup: Emergency damage restoration can be a dangerous job. DKI’s team will ensure your cleanup is completed safely and all debris and other harmful agents are contained to keep your building’s occupants safe.
  • Peace of Mind: Catastrophic events take a toll on property owners and managers. To save you stress, DKI manages the restoration from beginning to end through a cost-effective and time-saving approach, while keeping you updated along the way.

Contact DKI for Emergency Restoration Service

Need help immediately? Call DKI at 866-277-2977 for 24-hour disaster restoration service. Our trained technicians will be on site quickly, using the advanced restoration equipment and technology to start the restoration process for your property.