DKI Provides the Industry’s Most Innovative Temporary Containment

Simple. Telescopic. Airtight. Reusable. Containment.

DKI is a proud distributor for STARC Systems, the industry’s most innovative temporary containment solution. Visually appealing with a real-wall appearance and reducing construction noise by 50%, it eliminates the disruption of renovations and protects against debris, dust, and other harmful materials. Designed for the healthcare construction environment, STARC exceeds ICRA Class IV and Fire and Smoke Resistant ASTM E84 requirements. With several interchangeable components, including multiple panel sizes, it is beneficial for all facilities to be able to remain in operation without disruption and keep staff and customers safe during renovations. Easy to install, built to last, and saving time and money – STARC Systems is the solution for your next restoration project.


Time & Money Savings

STARC makes renovations disappear. Our expert DKI service providers can install 50 feet of STARC containment wall in just 30 minutes. Its easy and quick installation, along with the ability to eliminate noise and any harmful odors or materials during restoration work, allows for minimal downtime and interruption to your operation and our restoration process. Continue to visit with customers and patients safely while we work behind a sound-reduction wall that blends in with its surroundings.

  • Eliminates dust, debris, odors and other harmful materials during renovations
  • Foam core reduces construction noise by 50%
  • Quick installation, saving downtime

Exceeds ICRA Class IV Requirements

ICRA (Infection Control Risk Assessment) guidelines are used to prevent healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) during a construction project within patient-occupied or sensitive spaces. STARC offers negative air capability and other airtight containment barriers for infection control that exceed ICRA Class IV requirements.

Class A Fire & Smoke Rated

STARC has an ASTM E-84 Class A rating. Its walls have the lowest fire spread rate and minimal smoke production, according to the results from the E-84 test by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM). The E-84 is the best known test method for evaluating fire safety performance of building materials, measuring how far and quickly flames spread across the tested material.

Our Satisfied Clients Include:

  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Commercial Offices/Warehouses
  • Airports
  • Subway/Transportation Stations
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Educational Facilities
  • Retail
  • Laboratories
  • Residences