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DKI Helps With Commercial Disaster Restoration Services

Experiencing a disaster such as a flood or fire is something we hope never happens, but when it does, you have a team on your side for disaster restoration services. The DKI team is prepared with the tools and equipment necessary to quickly return your office building to its original beauty and form. From water damage and mold remediation to tree removal and more, DKI’s consulting and project management team can help you and your business get back on track in no time. We are available for 24-hour emergency services as well to prevent any further damage from occurring on-site. Give us a call day or night when you need disaster restoration services from trusted professionals across the country.

Disaster Restoration Services Available

In order for us to restore your home or office after a disaster, our team must receive the proper licensing and certifications from working in these conditions. Ensuring they have everything they need also gives you the confidence necessary when hiring us for the job. Our dedicated hands are the best in the industry, and no matter where you are in the country, we can help. Trust our consulting and project management teams to accomplish all of the following disaster restoration services:

  • Water Damage: Our team can handle damage from a busted pipe in the middle of the night or high waters incurred by food. No matter the water damage, DKI has the tools and experience to begin work swiftly to protect your belongings and property. As the most common form of disaster restoration services, we have plenty of knowledge in this area to get it cleaned properly and prevent further issues from occurring, such as mold and mildew.
  • Fire & Smoke: Fires can be one of the most damaging disasters. Not only does it affect your home and office physically, but it can linger to remind you of the nightmare constantly. At DKI, we strive to remove all evidence of a fire, including the smell. You can count on us to replace walls and flooring damaged from the flames. We even work with your insurance company to help replace all of your other personal items lost in the fire, such as clothing and furniture.
  • Storm Damage: Heavy winds and rain can lead to many different types of damages throughout your home or office. Siding can get blown off, water can leak into the attic, and mold can grow to weaken the entire structure. The DKI team provides thorough inspections when assessing the initial damage and provides a personalized disaster restoration plan. We aim to prevent higher costs for replacement items and further damage from the rainstorm.
  • Mold Remediation: Mold not only affects your house or office structure but can have an impact on your overall health. Protect your family and employees by calling on our expert team of disaster restorative service providers. We locate and eliminate any trace of mold, mildew, asbestos, and other hazardous materials that create toxic environments. Our team will also ensure there are no problem areas where these issues may pop up again in the future. Breathe easier with DKI on your side.
  • Tree Removal: Troublesome tree in the front or backyard? Allow the DKI professionals to take it down safely and efficiently, all the way to the roots. We can also help with any shrubs giving your yard issues. Stump grinding is another way we can clear your yard and make it safe for future mowing. If you have any concerns about your dead or rotted tree, it is crucial to call right away to prevent any issue or damages in the future.
  • Personal Item Care: If a storm or other natural disaster has damaged your personal belongings, DKI can help discover the compensation owed by your insurance company. We help you take stock and prepare all the information necessary for your replacements. This is one of our most coveted disaster restoration services because dealing with your provider can be painful. Still, with our experience, we make it much easier and with the best results possible.
  • Catastrophe Response: With over 200 different locations throughout the United States, DKI can quickly get to your home and deliver immediate disaster restoration services. Each of our response teams comes equipped with everything they need to begin taking care of all the damages to prevent any more from occurring. We keep you well informed during the process and can be made available 24 hours a day. Floods, storms, fires, and more can’t hold us back from offering our unparalleled services.
  • Healthcare Facility Response: Disaster restoration services look a little different when it comes to helping healthcare facilities. Not to worry, though, because DKI has everything required to clean up the mess and make it sanitary. Controlling and containing infectious diseases requires a well-trained hand, and all DKI employees have the necessary training and certifications to accomplish all services. We partnered with Gearhart & Associates, LLC to ensure their training is up-to-date and meets all industry standards to protect your employees and patients.

Call DKI for Our Consulting & Project Management Team

The consulting and project management team at DKI assists homes and offices across the United States when they need disaster restoration services. Allow our professional team to provide these services swiftly and 24 hours a day. We keep in frequent communication with you to ensure you stay as updated as possible with our services. This will help us build a better relationship with you and help us create your confidence in our skills. Call us today to begin the process and get your house and office back to a functioning and safe space again in no time. No work will start until you approve the estimates we provide.