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Hotel Fire & Water Damage Mitigation and Reconstruction in Louisville, KY

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Louisville, KY

When a modular constructed hotel in Louisville, KY caught fire, it experienced extensive smoke and soot damage to two floors and their hallways, as well as the HVAC system. Due to the discharge of the fire suppression system, four floors and the hotel’s common areas also endured significant water damage.


The DKI Team’s initial scope of work included demolition, removal of all affected (wet or fire damaged) material and water extraction. Due to the modular construction style of the hotel, the DKI Team had to plan for and execute, as well as manage, the numerous challenges that developed throughout the water mitigation process.

To safely remove the wet ceiling, wallpaper, laminate flooring and underlayment, vinyl-backed carpet tiles in the hallways and foam underlayment, and drywall, all furniture in each affected room had to first be relocated to a secure, clean space. The DKI Team also set up air filtration machines in each room to capture any particulate, dust, and debris during the removal process.

Once the water was extracted from all affected areas, the DKI Team set out deodorization equipment on all levels to prevent the smoke from impacting hotel operations and tenants on the other unaffected floors. Drying equipment, including air movers and dehumidifiers, was also placed on each level. To ensure the affected floors and common spaces were dried to the industry standard, a comprehensive plan of cavity drying was required. This generated the need for a more extensive demolition to the property as well.

Following a thorough and professional mitigation process, confirming the affected structural components were dry, the DKI Team scheduled a walk-through with hotel staff and initiated a comprehensive reconstruction plan. After several discussions with the client and insurance agent, an estimate was agreed upon, and the reconstruction process began.

Throughout the project, the DKI Team scheduled weekly conference calls with the hotel staff and sent bi-weekly email updates to ensure all stakeholders were properly informed of the progress, timeline for completion and any challenges that were encountered and addressed by a creative effort from all parties. This frequency of communication led to a seamless transition throughout all construction phases of the project and solidified the job projection schedule as planned.