DKI Commercial Case Studies

Fire and Water Mitigation Services Performed for Healthcare Facility in Kalamazoo

Commercial Services

Healthcare Facility

Kalamazoo, MI

In mid-December, a patient’s room on the second floor of Ascension Borgess Hospital in Kalamazoo caught fire. The fire started in one of the patient rooms from an unknown cause. The entire second floor of the patient room endured either fire or smoke damage, while the first floor radiology unit and pharmacy also incurred water damage from the discharged fire suppression system.


The DKI Team was dispatched to perform mitigation services. They immediately arrived at the hospital to begin a site assessment of the damages and develop a strategic plan.

Once the scope of work for cleanup and structural drying was approved by the hospital, the DKI Team removed and properly disposed of the wet, damaged carpet and drywall. Ceiling tiles were also removed from all impacted areas and hallways to clean the space above the tiles.

The DKI Team performed water extraction and set up a drying chamber, using levels 3 and 4 containment barriers to protect the remaining, operating areas of the hospital from harmful dust, debris and toxins. Upon returning to dry standard, the DKI Team began thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting the radiology unit, pharmacy, and all rooms, concrete flooring and outer perimeters affected by smoke and/or soot residue.

Following disinfection, the DKI Team performed environmental testing and monitoring to carefully remove all contaminates and ensure proper air quality levels throughout the hospital, per industry standard.