When your medical office needs damage repairs, don’t just call any repair service. You need one that knows how to best work with medical offices and healthcare facilities; how to keep things clean and up to health industry standards. DKI Services knows how to perform restoration services for medical facilities and has the training to keep everyone safe while getting the work done. Here’s why we’re different from the competition:

DKI has the certifications to ensure that your restored facility is up to industry standards. We work with Simple Telescopic Airtight Reusable Containment (STARC) Systems and Infection Control Risk Assessment (ICRA) protocols to ensure that patients and staff stay safe. We also work with the Linder’s Health Institute and Gearhart & Associates to stay up to date on the latest practices.

Our contractors will ensure that the rest of the office remains unharmed and unaffected from their repair work. Our team understands that getting your business running is the top priority, so they work to allow your business operations to continue while damages are being repaired.

Learn more about our restoration services for healthcare facilities. We offer repairs such as water damage, fire restoration, and mold remediation for hospital facilities and doctor offices around the country. Let our experts help you today!