While you can do your best to prevent fires, sometimes the unexpected can happen. DKI provides top quality fire damage restoration services that can help you return your home or business to normal. However, time is of the essence and you should find and call a restoration service sooner rather than later.

Fires can cause a variety of damages such as smoke, water, and even structural damage. The longer you wait, the worse those damages can become. Structural damage, for instance, is usually pretty easy to spot, but sometimes it can go unnoticed and cause further damage. After a fire, be sure to ask your contractor to check the structural integrity of the building, even if it doesn’t look like damage has been done.

A house fire can also cause damage that can linger and cause health issues if not taken care of right away. Soot and smoke damage can eventually cause respiratory issues in both humans and pets, alike. Additionally, if left unnoticed, water damages can turn into mold, which can also cause respiratory issues.

After a fire has been put out, call DKI Services to assess your property immediately. Our contractors will begin to make a comprehensive plan to ensure that your business is free of structural damages, smoke, and odors. Call us today to learn more.