If a violent crime occurs at your home or commercial property, careful cleanup is required. As the home or business owner, it’s your responsibility to arrange these services, which may involve contacting a biohazard cleaning team. Your insurance company will likely cover the costs, depending on the circumstances surrounding the crime.

Why Leave Crime Scene Cleanup to a Professional?

  • Avoid interfering with the investigation: Tampering with evidence at a crime scene makes it more difficult for law enforcement to apprehend the guilty party. This is one critical reason to leave the cleanup to the pros. The crew you hire works alongside the police to ensure physical evidence is gathered before restoration efforts begin.
  • Prevent seeing traumatizing content: Even if you don’t have ties to the crime, the chaos left behind after a murder or suicide may produce an emotional reaction. To avoid viewing traumatizing remains, it’s best to steer clear of the scene.
  • Avoid exposure to biohazards: Violent crimes often leave behind pathological waste, such as blood, tissues, and other bodily fluids. A professional crime scene cleanup crew has the proper training, experience, and personal protective equipment (PPE) to safely remove and dispose of these biohazards. Workers also disinfect and deodorize the scene, allowing you to occupy the space without contracting an infection or disease.
  • Repair structural damage: Criminal activity may leave behind graffiti, broken glass, damaged door frames, smoke, stains, debris, odors, and other structural damage. Professional crime scene cleanup services include temporary board-up and structural repairs to return the building to its pre-incident condition.

Crime Scenes Requiring Biohazard Cleanup Services

  • Unattended death: If someone dies and their body is not immediately discovered, the resulting decomposition warrants professional cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfection. The crew can remove any odors, stains, or other evidence of unattended death.
  • Suicide: A discrete, compassionate team can help you during the aftermath of a loved one’s suicide or accidental death. The first step is to remove all signs of the incident so you can begin recovering emotionally.
  • Homicide: If your home or business is the site of a murder, your biohazard team can restore the property while working with police to preserve the evidence necessary to conduct an investigation.
  • Drug labs: When law enforcement discovers a building with a methamphetamine or fentanyl lab, they remove most of the drugs. Still, you should call a biohazard company to clean up any residue and make the building habitable again.

DKI is a trusted crime scene cleanup service provider with over 45 years of experience. Our nationwide biohazard cleanup experts set the standard in compassion and professionalism when working in biohazard situations. We are fully licensed and insured to help you through all types of criminal and traumatic events at your home or business. We also adhere to strict protocols from the CDC, EPA, and OSHA for your safety and peace of mind. For immediate biohazard cleanup services, call us at 866.277.2977 and request a 24-hour emergency response.