2017 saw an increase in major hurricanes. Twenty hurricanes surged through the Atlantic, and six of them were classified as Category 3 or higher.

With this sudden rise in major storms, many families are wondering what they can do to prepare for 2018’s storm season. Here are some of the most important lessons we learned from 2017’s tumultuous hurricane season:

Evacuate early. When Hurricane Irma was leaving the Bahamas and heading for the Keys, Floridians who waited until the last possible moment to evacuate were trapped. The roads were too busy, and many people were stuck in traffic for hours.

September is hurricane central. Planning a trip in September? It’s probably best to steer clear of the East Coast. Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina are known hurricane magnets. It goes without saying that the Bahamas, Cuba, and the surrounding islands should also be avoided.

Storms can swerve at the last minute. Hurricane Irma was initially projected to remain on Florida’s eastern side and cause major storm damage along the East Coast. Instead, it surprised everyone by climbing Florida and heading for interior states, causing storm damage as far as Tennessee.