Choosing a commercial restoration company for your business can be a stressful task. While it seems easy to choose the first company that looks good, carefully looking at restoration companies is in your best interest. Before signing the dotted line, make sure the company you choose offers the following:

A Portfolio of Previous Work

A good restoration company, or really any contractor in general, should have a portfolio of work to show off. This way, you can see the work they have completed before and if it’s what your business needs. Also, while looking at their portfolio, ask questions about issues they ran into, how long it took, and how many projects like that they’ve done before. If they can’t present a portfolio or answer questions, seek another company.

A Variety of Services

Check to see what services the contractor or company you choose offers. A good emergency restoration company can offer a variety of restoration services. It’s very rare that a project only needs one type of restoration work. So, if you have to go to multiple services just to get your business back in order, you may be waiting a long time for work to be completed.

An Upfront Timeline of Work

As soon as a contractor assesses the damage in your home, they should be able to provide you a timeline of how long the work will take. The more experienced the contractor or service, the more accurate the timeline will be. Obviously, each project is different and timetables can change, however, the company you hire should update you as frequently as possible.

If the company you’ve chosen can’t present these things, be sure to call DKI for a second opinion. DKI is consistently chosen to help businesses get back on their feet after a disaster. Call them today to see why, out of all of the restoration companies out there, DKI is most trusted.