Examine the Exterior – A flooded basement can be a sign of structural damage to the exterior of your property. Look for signs of deterioration. Do not enter your basement if the exterior appears structurally unsound, as it can be extremely dangerous.

Turn off Utilities – Before entering your basement, turn off your electricity and gas. Water is a conductor, so avoid an electric shock by switching off the main power switch on your breaker box. It is usually safer to have a professional turn off your gas, but if it is an emergency, the main valve is located outside of your home near the gas meter.

Ventilation – To reduce odors and moisture, open all of the windows in your basement and throughout the rest of your home. If you can, use fans to blow air into your basement.

Call the Professionals – Cleaning up a flooded basement is no small feat, and can be dangerous for the inexperienced. Contact the professionals for storm damage restoration, and let DKI clean up the mess.