It’s a nightmare that a homeowner never wants to wake up to: a flooded basement. Whether it’s just used as storage or is a second living room for your family, a flood in your basement can cause severe damage to the room and entire home. Here are some tips to follow in the event you find yourself literally, and figuratively, knee-deep in a flooded basement.

Determine where the water came from – If it’s a situation outside of heavy rain, examine where the water came from in the first place. If it’s a broken pipe or coming from somewhere in your foundation, assessing the entry point is a key area in whom you need to call next.

Move electricity away from the water – Upon discovering that your basement has flooded, it’s important to quickly remove any electrical devices or cords away from the water. This will not only help to prevent anyone from being electrocuted but helps to prevent an electrical fire from starting.

Call a contractor to pump the water out – Extracting the water from the basement is always your next move. Depending on the amount of water in the room, a contractor can help you remove the water with a pump.

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