Criminal activity can leave a traumatic sight behind. Crime scenes also contain evidence that may help the police track down the perpetrator. That’s why you should never tamper with a crime scene. Instead, leave it to the authorities to gather evidence and a crime scene cleaning company to restore the premises.

Before hiring just any cleanup crew, you want to be sure the workers will do their job safely and responsibly. Ask these questions to help you hire the right crime and trauma scene cleaning company.

How quickly can you get here?

If there’s blood or other bodily fluids at the crime scene, a fast response time is important to prevent biohazards from spreading. That’s why your first question should be to find out when the company can arrive.

DKI has over 200 locations in the US alone, making us North America’s largest disaster restoration company. We are committed to being onsite within two hours of your emergency call. We also offer 24-hour response to serve you any time of day or night.

Is your business certified and insured?

In the early days, the crime scene cleanup industry was widely unregulated, and companies were inexperienced. Today, you should only hire an insured, licensed, and certified team to complete the job. At DKI, we clean your space quickly and thoroughly, eliminating all remnants of bacteria, viruses, contaminants, and odors for a deep clean you can trust.

What is your biohazard waste disposal process?

Once all biowaste has been removed from the scene, it’s critical to dispose of it according to local and state guidelines. At DKI, we are aware of the requirements and take every precaution to prevent dangerous contamination and exposure to biohazard waste.

What about damaged structures or personal belongings?

Criminal activity may result in damaged floors, walls, windows, doors, and other structural elements of a building. Personal or valuable belongings may also be in the mix. As a disaster restoration company, DKI doesn’t just clean up crime scenes—we also repair structural damage and restore personal property.

Can you be discrete?

During this sensitive time, you want to steer clear of prying eyes. The DKI team understands the need for discretion. Rest assured that we’ll remove biohazards from the premises without drawing attention to ourselves. We are also careful about donning and doffing personal protective equipment out of your neighbors’ view. This is just another way we show our care and compassion for your situation.

To schedule crime scene cleaning or other biohazard cleanup services in your area, please contact DKI online or call us at 877-533-0210.