After a broken pipe, leaking roof, or overflowing dishwasher floods parts of your home, it’s important to quickly take action. If you don’t address water emergencies immediately, the problem may worsen and possibly cause mold. Sometimes, professional help is necessary for a thorough clean-up following a major water disaster.

Here is what you can expect when you hire DKI to provide emergency water damage restoration:

  • Immediate service: One of our water damage restoration experts will visit your home within two hours of your call.
  • Safety first: Your DKI expert will assess the property to ensure that any pressing safety concerns are under control.
  • Water damage mitigation: Your DKI expert will put together a plan to remove any remaining water that may be causing problems. This may involve pumping and extracting water with specialized equipment.
  • Structural drying plan: A key part of emergency water damage restoration involves determining how to dry the disaster area. This includes removing moisture from the floor, walls and other locations that are affected.
  • Mold prevention: Your DKI expert will inspect your home to makes sure that the affected areas are cleaned and dried properly so that mold will not grow following the event. Leaving an environment that is suitable for mold to develop will put the structure of your home as well as your health at risk.

Hiring a professional can help you quickly restore your home so that it is a safe and comfortable living space once again. Turn to DKI when you experience flooding and water damage. Together, they’ll help you clean up and keep your home from experiencing further damages.