You may be accustomed to wiping up small spills and accidents around the house without a second thought. However, cleaning up biohazards could be dangerous to your health. Learn more about biohazards and the threats associated with them so you know when it’s best to call a professional.

Most Common Household Biohazards

To be considered a biohazard, a substance must be organic and therefore contain or harbor bacterial growth. Biohazard spills don’t usually happen at home. Still, here are a few possible home biohazards that require professional cleanup:

  • Bodily fluids: Human blood, tissues, organs, and other bodily fluids are forms of pathological waste. Because of their infectious nature, you should arrange professional cleanup if these materials remain after a violent crime or home birth.
  • Animal waste: A pet accident is something you can clean up yourself. However, large quantities of animal feces, urine, and blood found in hoarding situations are considered biohazards.
  • Disease contaminants: Infectious disease cleanup requires special tools and equipment to prevent the spread of illness. An outbreak of COVID-19 or other viral or bacterial diseases at your property could warrant professional cleanup.
  • Mold: While most types of mold are relatively harmless, some can cause allergic reactions, respiratory problems, and other complications if touched or inhaled. If you suspect black mold or discover extensive growth covering more than 10 square feet, you should leave mold cleanup to a professional.
  • Drug residue: When the authorities discover a home with a methamphetamine or fentanyl lab, they remove most of the drugs. Still, professionals should be called in to clean up any residue and make the building habitable again.
  • Sewage: Wastewater may contain fecal matter, chemicals, particulates, and pathogens that can cause serious illness. Therefore, you should never clean up a sewer backup or other black water spill yourself.
  • Dangerous chemicals: Leaky propane tanks, broken mercury thermometers and CFL light bulbs, and antifreeze spills emit harmful fumes. For your safety, hire a professional to clean up these dangerous chemicals.

Risks of Biohazard Cleanup

Exposure to biohazards can be harmful, even deadly. It would be irresponsible to clean up a contaminated site without the proper knowledge or equipment to do so safely. In a commercial setting, you could face litigation charges if someone in your employ ends up contracting an illness after cleaning up biohazard materials at your request. In this way, hiring a cleanup crew is a small investment that protects you and others from harmful exposure and other ramifications.

Nationwide Biohazard Cleanup from DKI

For nearly 50 years, DKI has provided efficient yet thorough biohazard cleanup to residential and commercial customers nationwide. We are fully licensed and insured to conduct these services. We also adhere to the strict protocols established by the CDC, EPA, and OSHA. Our team promises to deliver a deeper level of cleanliness for your peace of mind. If you need biohazard cleanup without delay, don’t hesitate to call us any time at 844.345.2255 for 24-hour emergency service.