Dec. 14, 2018 – United Fire & Water of Louisiana (UFW) hosted the Louisiana Hospital Association (LHA) on Wednesday, December 5, 2018 for continuing education in water damage and mold remediation.

Each course lasted three hours, earning each attendee 3 CE credits. Approximately 17 healthcare professionals from the LHA were in attendance.

The night prior to the courses, UFW Owner Kevin Hussey dumped nearly 1,000 gallons of water into their specially-designed flood room space to be able to demonstrate the damages that can occur from a flood and prepare for the first course: Water Damage 101.

On Wednesday morning, the attendees were escorted through the flood room to review the damages and learn moisture identification with certain infrared tools, different extraction options, air movement and evaporation, and dehumidification.

“We were happy to have members of the Louisiana Hospital Association attend our continuing education presentations. We offered them some perspective on water damage and mold remediation from a contractor’s standpoint, and we hope it was information that they will be able to use in their day to day operations,” said UFW President/CEO Kevin Hussey.

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