Sept 22, 2016

By: Chelsea Haley, DKI Ventures, LLC

Happy first day of fall! As the weather starts to change, it’s important to perform check-ups around your office and prepare your business for the new season. This past week we have been providing basic fix-it tips. Check out the top five below for an easy reference guide. Please share with us in the comments any other fall prep tips you have.

Draft Check

Your employees won’t be very productive if they’re freezing at their desks from a cool draft from leaky seals on your windows and doors. And, we’re positive you won’t enjoy a hefty energy bill from having to up the heat around the office and install personal heaters in sections that appear cooler. So, check the sealants on your windows and doors to prevent these pesky drafts. Caulk and repair as needed.

Smoke Alarm Check

Smoke alarms save lives! Since you are responsible for your employees, make sure to test each smoke alarm around your building at least once a month, and replace the batteries at least twice a year, or as needed. Dust and clean each smoke detector, as buildup can impair sensitivity. Also, ensure your employees are aware of your evacuation plan if a smoke detector goes off.

Furnace Check

Another way to prevent a large energy bill is to check and clean your furnace and heating vents. Dust and clean as needed, and schedule your annual check if you haven’t already.

Safety Check

As each season changes, it’s a good reminder to check your emergency safety kit(s). Restock as needed, and ensure you have the appropriate supplies for the changing weather. For example, do you have materials to keep warm if you’re stranded at the office without electricity? Keep these potential disasters in mind while preparing your kits:

  • October is earthquake month.
  • Hurricane season runs through November 30.
  • Blizzards typically occur between December and March.

Light Check

As the fall and winter seasons set in, daylight ends earlier. Consider installing exterior lights to keep your employees safe after work.