Summer activities are fun for the whole family. Most of these activities are outdoors, however they can still have some effect on your home in the event they go awry. Make sure you are aware of the following during the summer to keep your home safe.

Keep an Eye on Open Flames – BBQ grills and fire pits are the epitome of summertime get togethers with family and friends. Not paying attention to them can cause serious problems. Ensure grills and pits are maintained and put out properly when finished. Stay away from having to hire a fire damage clean up crew and just keep an eye on the fire.

Pool Water Levels – If you have a pool in your backyard, you definitely make the list of houses to be during the warm summer months. Make sure your pool’s water level is right and that you aren’t too full. If your pool is too full, swimmers and high amounts of rain can cause it to overflow into your home.

Over Usage of Appliances – The summer tends to put a strain on older appliances, such as air conditioners or freezers trying to keep things cool. Check your appliances for faulty parts or wires. In optimal conditions, faulty wires or parts could start electrical fires. If you aren’t sure what to look for, consult a repair service to do a checkup.

By just being aware of what’s going on around you during summer fun, you can prevent minor accidents that can cause major damage. If damages do turn up, be sure to call DKI. DKI Services can help you pick up the pieces from a variety of disasters, including fire damage clean up. See what they can help you with today by visiting their website!